This Chrome extension tells you who has paid for the blue verification on Twitter


Lately Twitter is in the eye of the hurricane after all the controversy surrounding its purchase by Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla is now also the CEO of the popular little bird social network and, in addition to a series of massive layoffs, some changes have also come to the platform. For example, at the time Elon Musk announced that the verification badge would cost $8 per month. In this way, the only way to be verified was to pay for Twitter Blue, which also increased in price. Although later he changed his mind, and yesterday we finally announced the arrival of a free verification system and that it would be limited to accounts of public institutions, people of great importance and private companies. So you can find out who pays for the Twitter verification The problem is that the mess is monumental, since there are two ways to have the blue check: paying the monthly subscription or being a profile of great depth. And luckily, you can find out if someone has paid for this item or “earned” it. We are talking about the extension for Chrome that Will Seagar and Walter Lim have launched, aptly called “eight-dollars”, as collected by the colleagues at XDA Developers. Once you’ve installed these Chrome extensions for your browser, you’ll see the blue check mark on Twitter user profiles turn into two completely different labels. In this way you will be able to differentiate in a very simple way when an account has really been verified or if it has simply been one of the advantages that you can enjoy by going to pay Twitter Blue. If you want to try this extension for Chrome, there is no more mystery. All you have to do is go to the GitHub repository where you can find this project, download the file that is available, and go to chrome://extensions in Chrome for desktop. Now, within this website you must activate the developer mode. To do this, you just have to click on the element located in the upper right corner and load the extension that you have downloaded by clicking on the Load button. As you may have seen, the process is quite simple, so don’t hesitate to install this extension for Chrome, which is totally free, to find out which users have paid to verify their Twitter account and which ones have earned the blue badge. And by the way, you can avoid cheating, since there are many accounts verified by Twitter Blue that are supplanting the original ones… >

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