This bot tells you where a product is cheaper by comparing between Mercadona, LIDL and more

this bot tells you where a product is cheaper by
this bot tells you where a product is cheaper by

As The average price of our shopping list has been increasing, it is more necessary not to overpay for day-to-day items. Buying everything in the same supermarket can mean that at the end of the month we have bled our wallet more than necessary. Luckily, solutions like a price comparison bot make life easier… and cheaper.

We are going to explain how this Telegram bot works that allows us to know where a product is cheaper in question and thus allow us to buy more economically what we need.

This bot can save you money on the purchase

Shopping has become very expensive. The shopping cart every day increases in price due to inflation and not even measures such as the VAT reduction on all basic food items have served to alleviate the situation.

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Do you want a bot that tells you where the products in the shopping cart are cheaper?
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It is in these moments of increased pressure on our portfolio when the ingenuity of many comes out and that has led to the development of a bot that tells you where the products in the shopping cart are cheaper. The database is made up of several of the main supermarkets in our country: Mercadona, Supercor, LIDL, Día, Alcampo, Eroski, etc.

It is really a Telegram bot that you can access from this link. The functioning is quite simple. You only have to enter a specific product trying to specify as much as possible which one you mean. For example, adding brand, weight or quantity, variants, etc.

Bot supermarket prices

After a short search period, the Telegram bot will return a message indicating the price of that same item in the main supermarkets. In this way, we can organize the shopping list and go buying in each site what rents us the most. The operation is not completely perfect, since sometimes it can get to mix or confuse the product, but at least it does serve to have a first idea of ​​where the prices are moving.

It also provides us with a link to be able to directly access the supermarket and buy it or verify that the prices provided are correct and in force.

Also minimum price alert

Although the main function is to make Chat-GPT style chatbot and to help us make the best shopping list possible, a secondary function has also been integrated which, in our experience, has only worked after first performing a query.

As it happens in certain Telegram groups dedicated to discounts, the bot notifies us of certain products that have a new minimum price. In this way, it has a double functionality and we can end up spending the money we have saved in the supermarket to buy one of these suggested products at the best price.

The operation of the bot is totally free. You simply have to visit the Telegram address from your mobile or PC and write the name of a product so that it tells us where it is cheaper.

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