This autonomous community prohibits the use of mobile phones until 2nd year of ESO

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Mobile phone

Concern about the dangers that using a telephone at an early age can pose is growing. According to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 70% of adolescents between 10 and 15 years old already have a mobile phone in Spain. Faced with this situation, an autonomous community has decided to set limits on use.

Experts do not believe that device use is necessarily bad during childhood. The use of computers and tablets to promote education through modern tools in schools is increasingly common. Many advocate starting digital literacy early, however, they advise that it be done in a controlled manner, to avoid addiction and misuse of technology.

From the Junta de Andalucía, they have recommended ban smartphones and “other analogous personal devices” during the school day and the Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training plans to pay attention to them. In this way, said autonomous community advocates that its educational centers ensure that Andalusian students do not use these devices more than necessary without their control.

Primary classroom

Neither in the classrooms nor during recess

The School Council of Andalusia was the one who proposed last Monday, March 11, that schools and institutes limit the use of telephones by minors. The Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training has confirmed that it will apply the suggestions in Andalusian classrooms through the modification of the decrees that regulate the operation of the centers.

Patricia del Pozo, advisor to said organization, has detailed that this measure will not only affect the classrooms, but will be present in all areas that encompass the school day. This includes “recesses, complementary activities, extracurricular activities and transportation.”

From 3rd year of ESO onwards they will be able to use devices

The measure will only be up to the second year of ESO. Therefore, those students who are in the third year of Compulsory Secondary Education or higher will not be affected by the ban, but will continue to have restrictions.

According to the Andalusian counselor, the use of “any type of use of mobile phones and other similar personal devices” will only be allowed for “specific moments.” for exclusively didactic purposes with pedagogical criteria». Del Pozo points out that these must be “duly justified in the educational project of the centers, taking into account, in any case, the age of the students, their maturation and their psycho-evolutionary characteristics.”

Classroom with students

In short, before and during the second year of ESO, the use of smartphones or other devices will be strictly prohibited in Andalusia. From the third year of secondary school onwards, it may be used, but only for justified educational purposes.

Responsible use of mobile devices

Although Andalusia is going to greatly limit the use of technological products, they continue to have an interest in promoting digital literacy. The opinion of the School Board highlights the need to provide training and guidance to families, teachers and students for the responsible use of cell phones and other devices.

To this end, they clarify that it is imperative that centers have their own digital devices, to avoid dependence on personal devices over which they have less control.

The Ministry also wants to comply with this recommendation and has given more than 410,000 technological devices to their centers. In addition, del Pozo reports that 45% of teachers have a level of digital competence A1 or higher.

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