This artificial intelligence allows you to create logos and designs for free

Design with artificial intelligence reaches the brand image with Looka, a website that allows you to create quality logos in seconds.


There are two aspects of artificial intelligence that are growing at full speed. One is chatbots like ChatGPT, which allow you to quickly create texts on any topic. Both Google and Microsoft already have their own creations, Bing Chat and Bard, both available in Spain.

The other side is design and illustration, with companies like Open AI with Dall-E or Midjourney as main exponents, although with many other alternatives such as Leonardo AI or CatBird.AI. These tools allow you to create everything from realistic illustrations to logos, although they always result in a bitmap image, which is not the most suitable for later use in printing.

That’s where a service like Looka comes in, which has Designed from the ground up to create logos and branding elements, those used on web pages, business cards, vinyl, mugs, etc. This service allows the creation of logos in a simple and extremely customizable way.

The logo creation process is very simple. In the first instance, it is requested choose the industry the company is in or project since aesthetics in art is not the same as in teaching, for example. The second step involves choose some already created logos so that the system learns which are the most accurate tastes, so that the final result will be better.

When that has been done, the colors, up to three of a total of nine that Looka offers. You must also write the company name or project, in addition to a brief slogan if you want. It is recommended that that slogan It is not very long, and one with three words that are not especially short may already go beyond what is advisable, although a prohibition is not established.

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Finally, it is requested that the icon categories that could appear in the image. In the example of this article, creating a brand in the electrification sector, the Abstract, Innovation and Excellence options have been selected, although this is very subjective.

In a few seconds we will obtain 24 variations of a logo for the brand, which can also be personalize if you click on them. You can change each element, the font, the colors… the customization is enormous and, above all, very easy to execute.


Saving the image, or images, from the browser can be done for free, but downloading the high-quality files to work with them requires payment. There are several price levels, ranging from a one-time payment of $20 to a subscription of $129 per year that gives access to even the design of a complete website.