This application will change the way you use your smartphone desktops

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The kvaesitso desktop replacement proposes a use of the mobile interface based, fundamentally, on two gestures and searching for applications.

The mobile interface has not changed for years. Since Google and Apple reached a sort of tacit agreement in which The apps were going to be displayed on mobile desktops in the form of icons and that we were going to slide up and down to find them, there haven’t been many changes. It is true that on Android there are various launchers or replacements for the original desktop system, which allow us to change this way of understanding the mobile’s graphical interface, but lately there have not been many new ones.

One of them is kvaesitso, an application that proposes to radically change the way applications are opened and, above all, in which they are organized. The developer’s proposal is to be able to open any application quickly and, at the same time, have an absurdly clean desktop at all times, something that lovers of order will love.

For this it has created an application based on two gestures, a swipe up that opens the widget area and a swipe down that opens the application panel, with the search box already active. This allows you to type directly after making the gesture.

In this way, it is possible to use the mobile phone in a different way. At the bottom are the widgets that you want to configure, such as the weather, music playback, calendar… basically any widget that is in the mobile applications can be used in this section. It can be rearranged and even changed in shape and size.

The upper part is the one that houses all the applications, and by activating search by default you can open an app with a few keystrokes on the keyboard to type its name. In addition, at the top is the favorite apps section, programs that can be pinned there to always have them at hand. This section includes tags, in case you want to categorize the apps.

Launcher kvaesitso

One of the things that stands out is that Search is not just for apps, but also for Google Drive items if we give permissions, for calendar events or for contacts. It works like the Spotlight feature on Mac computers.

Besides, the entire interface is customizable, from the colors to the shape of the widgets, through some gestures that allow, for example, turning off the screen with a double tap. You can even put a row of icons on the main screen, if that’s what you want, by going to Settings > Home screen > Clock and selecting Favorites.

Launcher kvaesitso

This launcher can be downloaded for free from the developer’s Github page. It is also in alternative stores such as F-Droid, although for some reason it is not available in the Google Play Store. The interface is in Spanish, something that is important for many users.

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