This app promises to put an end to your phone’s storage problems in the purest Tinder style

this app promises to put an end to your phones.webp.webp.webp
this app promises to put an end to your phones.webp.webp.webp

When an application is designed for mobile, it shows. Instagram or TikTok are two very simple examples of what a good interface looks like for a device like a mobile phone, but we also have the example of Tinder. You may or may not use it, but its interface and control system is very, very well thought out for the phone.

And, precisely, that is what Swipewipe has. It is an application that, Tinder style, it allows us to delete photos easily, with statistics and in a very easy way. It’s a great idea to clean up your phone’s storage and we’ll tell you how it works and how much it costs.

The Tinder for deleting photos on your mobile

First of all, let’s see how the Tinder-type control mode works. Many mobile applications are designed for control with the phone vertically and with one hand. Social networks have that design (with the majority of controls on the right for a majority of the right-handed population) and there are also many games designed for mobile phones that have that scheme.

With Tinder it’s more of the same– We have information in the center of the screen and we accept or decline based on the direction we drag that information: left or right. With Swipewipe, the application featured in this article, we have that.

When we start, we give permissions and select if we want it to send us notifications or if we want it to track or not, we start cataloging photos. The idea is that, in a very visual way, we save the photos we want, but we also send the ones we don’t want to have on the phone to the trash.


It is very normal that, on a weekend, we take many photos. Some of them we will want to have, but others were sporadic for ourselves or to send by Telegram either WhatsApp and they no longer contribute anything to our mobile memory. Well, they do contribute, since they are taking up space.

Swipewipe allows us to delete recent photos week by week or month by month. There is a kind of ranking and, after using it, the truth is that it is a quick, intuitive and much more comfortable process than viewing the photos in small size in the gallery, marking several and then clicking on the delete icon. Also, it has probably happened to you, when you have 200 photos marked, you mistakenly touch the screen and it removes the selection.

Thus, this application is, with a very intuitive control and showing the photos in full screen, a way to keep at bay all the photos that can become a problem in the file library.

It is available in both Android like in iOS and it is a paid app. When you log in, the option to use it for three days free appears, but then the price varies: 4.99 euros per week for iOS, 5.99 euros per week on Android. There is the possibility of an annual subscription, but in the end it may be a lot of money for an app to… delete photos.

Swipewipe: Photo Cleaner

Swipewipe is the app that will (finally) help you organize your photo gallery. And you’ll enjoy reminiscing while you do it.

There you decide, but The truth is that the application works well and the design is good. Furthermore, the most important thing is that it is a good way to control the mobile storage so as not to store unwanted data. And yes, you can try those three days free, do a good cleaning and cancel the subscription.

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