This app prevents me from most spam calls and is totally free

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Some time ago my mobile phone number was compromised. I don’t know if it was due to one of the many security leaks in social networks and other services, but the thing is, from one day to the next I started receiving spam calls. They mainly come from the United Kingdom and Italy, although there are also Spanish numbers. And they do not stop offering me the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t smell good at all, plus I know of other related cryptocurrency scams so I know to be careful. Although the truth is that it is quite annoying that they are constantly calling you. More, when for work reasons you usually receive calls from unknown numbers. So I searched for an app to fix spam call issues. And this is where Pepeescudo comes in, a free app that is helping me a lot with it. This is Pepeescudo, the perfect app to avoid telephone spam. Personally I am a customer of this fiber and mobile operator, but any user can install Pepeescudo on their phone, since the app is available completely free of charge for both Android and IOS. To begin with, this tool does not have advertising, beyond a small header with company rates, so it simply works as an app to avoid spam calls. In addition, and as we have indicated, this application is free of charge and can be used even if you are not a Pepephone customer. Its operation is not a mystery, since you only have to install it on your phone, give it the corresponding permissions to block all suspicious calls and little else. As soon as you receive a suspicious call, this app is able to identify if there is no danger, if it is a telemarketing company, spam or even fraud. With Pepescudo you can block unwanted phone numbers, as well as report them. And this is very important, since the entire community is creating a huge list of suspicious numbers to protect the user from spam calls or harassment and demolition of certain services. The truth is that I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m quite happy with how it works, since it also helps me identify other types of calls. So, taking into account that it is completely free and that you do not have to be a client of the company, I recommend you try it. If you are interested, I leave you the link of the app: Download Pepeescudo for AndroidDownload Pepeescudo for iOS >

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