This app gets you in shape and is ideal for lovers of The Lord of the Rings

this app gets you in shape and is ideal for.webp.webp.webp
this app gets you in shape and is ideal for.webp.webp.webp

If you need motivation to get in shape this year and you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings, you will love this application. And entering a new year is always accompanied by good intentions and that promise that we are going to get stronger than a Nokia 3310, but then motivation drops immediately.

Therefore, there are applications that give us a little push and… What better than to emulate the more than 2,800 kilometers that Frodo and Sam traveled to reach Mount Doom? That’s what Fantasy Hike proposes.

The further you walk, the sooner Frodo will reach Mount Doom.

When we talk about playing sports, there are people who motivate themselves and others who need external motivation. A good idea is to start small and a exercise that is underrated is… walking. But not walking like from our house to the supermarket, but walking at a good pace for a few minutes. And that every day.

It is a great cardiovascular exercise, especially for people of a certain age or who are overweight, and also a great start on the path to a healthier life. That is why, apps that encourage us with medals or rings, or also quantifying bracelets that allow us to see a data record are great complements for the start of a better life.

Fantasy Hike

What Fantasy Hike does is something similar, but with the whole setting of The Lord of the Rings. Based on Frodo’s journey from the books (not the one from the movies, which was considerably reduced and there are events that are not reflected), the application encourages us to walk and, when we go to see what we have done, we can see how much there would be Frodo advanced with the steps we took that day.

The app is very minimalist, but it has quite beautiful art and an extremely simple interface tells us how far along the path Frodo goes. There is a count of days, the kilometers traveled and a brief legend that tells us an important event at that point on the hobbit path.

We can also see our total progress up to Mount Doom with a simplified map of the path and we can fight against other ‘machine’ characters. We have a record of daily steps, average steps and our best day, as well as the second breakfasts we have had or the afternoon teas we have enjoyed.

When an important event occurs at that point in the path, we can see an achievement in the corresponding tab that illustrates the feat with some pretty nice art. And the good news is that trying it is free, it has synchronization with the Apple Watch and the Health app. The bad thing is that, at the moment, it is not in Spanish, It is only available for iPhone and if you want it to record more than a mile and a half a day, you have to pay.

Fantasy Hike

The price is 3.99 euros and the team has committed to translating the app into other languagesbut warning that they are a small group and that it is something that will take time to arrive.

I admit that I use the free version because I don’t lack the motivation to exercise, but practically once a week I get the urge to go through the payment gateway to reward a job well done. The most likely thing is that he will do it after the January Christmas gift rush and start the adventure again.

Fantasy Hike

Travel Frodo’s path from The Shire to Mount Doom emulating the kilometers traveled in the novels.

Photos | Alejandro Alcolea

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