This app does magic for file sharing: LiveDrop does not need any connection to send data

this app does magic for file sharing livedrop does not.webp.webp.webp
this app does magic for file sharing livedrop does not.webp.webp.webp

With endless apps to share files between Android, and a native Quick Share to unite them all, there is a new application that breaks with the established: LiveDrop shares files using animated QR codes. And it works much better than it seems, we have verified it.

Imagine what you want in

QR codes for in

Just as if we were capturing the image of a QR from a bar table, but without the serving of croquettes appearing on the screen: with LiveDrop we can

We have tested the application and the truth is that it works fabulously. And it is surprising that it can

The process to exchange files with LiveDrop is as follows:

  • Both phones must have the application installed.
  • On the mobile phone that sends the file you must add it from the selector with the lower “+”. Choose what you want: if it is an image LiveDrop will compress it in webp, the rest of the files should not exceed 150 KB.
  • On the mobile phone that receives the file, you must click on the QR icon, the one above the “+”.
  • Now all that remains is to capture the animated QR displayed on the sending phone with the camera of the receiving phone. Both devices must be kept in visual contact until the transfer is complete.
  • All received files are displayed in a list within LiveDrop: you can view them from there, also share them with the share icon above.

File sending process using LiveDrop

LiveDrop is a very curious application that can be appropriate when needed in

The app is free, contains no ads, and is free of in-app purchases. We found it wonderful as a concept.

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