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This Amazon section hides coupons of up to 80% off

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Buying cheaper on Amazon is possible. We not only have to wait for the famous Prime Day of the online store or big dates in particular like Black Friday to have discounts. Even, we do not always have to resort to the outlet of the store. More than anything, because we will always have this little-known section from your website.

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However, it must be taken into account that not all discounts in this amazon secret section they are available to everyone. In this case, we find some discount coupons that, in some cases, are only for Prime customers of the online store.

amazon coupons

Within Amazon, we find a section that may not be known to everyone: amazon coupons. In this section of the web, we will find all kinds of coupons that we can apply to the devices that we want to buy in the online store.

In addition, within this section, we have the possibility of ordering all the coupons that appear. We can make them appear on the computer by discount percentage, the expiration date, the most popular, the oldest, etc. In this way, it is easier to find one that we like or interest the most at that moment. And it is not at all difficult to use them. But, we will explain it to you below so that you can save on amazon.

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In some cases, the coupon that is added includes a percentage discount, while in others, a discount is added. 5 euro discount, 10 euros, or a greater amount. So you have to review this correctly when buying the product on Amazon. And now, all that remains is to know the steps to follow to save more money on Amazon with these coupons.


How to apply a coupon

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The first thing we must do is enter this coupon section of the online store. When we are inside, we can see each of the products that have this discount and the percentage to be applied later when we apply it. But how are the discounts applied? This is what you have to do:

  • Find the product you want.
  • Tap on the tab that says ‘clip coupon‘ to apply the discount.
  • At that time, it will put the validity date and that the product discount coupon has been added.
  • We click on the product that we are going to buy and we touch on ‘Add to Cart‘.
  • Once we touch on’Checkout‘, we will see how the discount that we had previously selected is finally applied to the price of the product that we are going to buy.

However, keep in mind at all times that for the coupons to be activated, we have to log in with our username and password. Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, not all coupons are for everyone. There are some exclusive to Amazon Prime users. In any case, the discount that we add will be applied automatically upon completing the order once we have clicked on ‘Cut coupon’ of the product that we are going to want to buy.

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