This Amazon Echo will stop working forever on February 29

this amazon echo will stop working forever on february 29.jpg
this amazon echo will stop working forever on february 29.jpg

An older man worried while using the computer

Amazon has surprised users by announcing that one of its Echo family devices will stop working from February 29. This is a notice that has been given only three weeks in advance, something that has not been well received in the community.

The news about the cessation of service of this Echo has caused quite a stir among users. It is not usual for Amazon to make these types of unexpected decisions, especially when it comes to this family of products. But it is true to recognize that the Echo Connect has been, from its origin, a strange device that has gone out of the ordinary.

An unexpected warning

The owners of this Amazon Echo received notice about the end of service for their devices on February 8. Taking into account that the terminal will cease to be operational on the 29th of this month, it cannot be said that they have been given much margin. In any case, in favor of Amazon it must be said that the Echo Connect It was originally put on sale in 2017so it has had one of the longest runs ever seen in this type of device.

Promotional image of the Amazon Echo Connect



From Amazon, they recommend that those who are still using the Connect join the Alexa Emergency Assist service, which offers similar performance, or look for a device that serves as a replacement. In addition, they have promised that all users who were still taking advantage of Connect will receive a coupon worth $10 to use on Amazon. Considering that Alexa’s emergency assistance service costs $6 per month, it doesn’t seem like a bad initiative to try it out.

In some ways, although Connect had been an ideal tool for many seniors, switching to using Alexa Emergency Assist can improve daily life considerably. This emergency service answer calls from people who need it and they are responsible for redirecting the user’s urgency to each of the possible help departments. For example, you just have to call Alexa Emergency Assist and the agents of this service will send firefighters, police or medical services to your home.

An Alexa with calls to 911

Many things can be said about the Amazon Echo Connect, but possibly one of the most curious features is that it has been the only Echo terminal with the capacity to make calls to 911. The reason for this is that the device was designed, as we said, to help elderly people or sick people who need to have a telephone support system at all times.

It must also be said that the particular nature of the Echo Connect prevented it from reaching Spain. There was talk about it among many users and there were even those who bought it imported, but using it outside the United States was very complicated (practically impossible if we talk about using all its functions). Furthermore, its use was not like that of other Echo speakers. In this case, it was presented as a device connected to the landline telephone jack and the WiFi, allowing route calls connecting them with the Echo.

Amazon Echo Connect setup process

So, if someone called your landline, the Echo Connect gave you the opportunity to answer the call from the speaker. This was very useful for older people who still depended on the landline as your primary method of communication. In addition, it enabled the possibility of using Alexa, voice commands and connectivity with other elements that may be connected in the home.

Another of its most basic and, at the same time, useful functions was to notify the person who was calling. Although this seems normal to us using a mobile phone, with a landline, for these elderly users, it was something revolutionary. Thus, when they called their landline they could instantly know who was trying to talk to them. In many ways, the Echo Connect significantly improved the lives of its users although it can be seen as something reasonable that it will no longer be available.

An Amazon Echo Connect installed in a home

What bothers many experts is why Amazon could have made this decision. There doesn’t seem to be any concrete reason not to let users who already invested in the Echo Connect continue using it. It was thought that it could be related to the end of copper phone lines, but the Amazon speaker also supports VoIP calls, so it doesn’t seem like a compelling reason. Possibly, we will never know.