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This amazing rollable screen from Lenovo is the future: big or small as you like

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The challenge for technology is to get smarter, more connected and more sustainable than ever, that can truly transform what is possible in homes, businesses and cities around the world. This has been the reason for Lenovo Tech Worlds 2022 eventin which maca has presented all kinds of solutions to change to a better world and among them, a peculiar roll-up screen that stretches and shrinks has caught our attention.

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Lenovo’s rollable screen, designed together with Motorola, allows the user to be the one who decides the size of it at all times, making the content shown in it adapt to the centimeters it has at all times in a completely dynamic way. One last.

This is Lenovo’s incredible rollable screen

Lenovo has always been a brand that has opted for all kinds of convertible or folding solutions for your devicesas has been shown for example in the Yoga range of laptops or in the Motorola Razr in which they worked with the brand of phones or the new ThinkPad X1 Fold, the next generation of the world’s first folding PC.

Now they are going one step further and at Tech Worlds 2022 they have shown the result of a project in which both brands are working together again: a rollable OLED screen that can change the usual concept we have of smartphones and how we choose a model of more or less inches, because that variant would no longer exist by having the possibility to change the size of the smartphone at convenience.

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As you can see in their demo video, this flexible, rollable concept can usher in a new era where this unique form factor enables more content and offers huge future possibilities to improve work and life. hybrids. Designed to improve navigation and multitasking use casesThis new concept is compact, but doesn’t sacrifice screen size, allowing on-screen content dynamically adjusts to the device as the expandable screen rolls inward at the base of the laptop or smartphone.

Technology to change the world for the better

As has been said many times throughout this Tech Worlds 22, Lenovo’s smartest technology is empowering people everywhere to change their world for the better.

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For example, several AI solutions have been presented with which to improve the world we know thanks to technology. In the field of digital education, Lenovo demonstrated how its Virtual Classroom solution offers virtual teachers to studentsproviding personalized tests and recommendations.

At the enterprise, the new remote video collaboration solution connects frontline workers with remote experts to perform repair work across brands in real time.

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