This AI decorates your house according to the style you want with a single photo. It’s great to have a lot of ideas

Transform our house with a single click. The potential of artificial intelligence is enormous and this new website is proof of this. Indoor AI]allows upload a photo, choose a decoration style and receive a sample of what it would look like. The process does not take a minute and the result is excellent.

This AI allows us to upload a photo of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and other areas of the house. And we have multiple styles, from minimalist to modern, through bohemian, art deco, baroque, neoclassical, zen and even cyberpunk. Partly reminiscent of augmented reality applications to decorate the house, but this is much faster, easier and more realistic.

Interior AI: the web to transform our house in seconds

Inside AI

It works from the mobile or from the desktop through its website. We only have to select a photo of the room, it is recommended to take it from an angle where most of it can be seen; then we select the style and click render image.

In our case we have tried it with our living room and we have obtained very mixed results. We see that the AI ​​eliminates small elements such as cushions or a pot that is in the middle and compose the image mainly keeping the size of the room and the placement of the main elements such as the sofa or the piece of furniture.

Dining Room Styles

The project has been created by the user Levelsioprogrammer of Dutch nationality, remote worker and author, among other projects, of Hoodmaps, a collaborative maps website.

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Indoor AI is free although the open version only allows you to upload a limited number of images per day. At the moment it is an initial version, but the creator explains that he is already receiving a large number of requests that can slow down the server.

At the moment the AI ​​only allows you to customize the style, but the project has many possibilities. If we rely on other AIs like Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2, it is not unreasonable imagine that we can also add descriptions such as “in shades of blue” or “with more light”. AI allows us to quickly translate the ideas that we have in mind. And this interior design tool is a simple and revealing example.