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They will use artificial intelligence to monitor bird activity in solar installations

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Currently artificial intelligence has become a tool used by different sectors in their activities.

One of them is the energy sector, in which the use of this technology was recently announced to obtain data in real time to check the interactions that occur between birds and solar energy.

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In this way it will be possible to understand the risks and opportunities that this implies for the fauna in solar power plants.

And it is that, if we start to think how can a set of solar panels affect a habitatthe answer to this is not easy to answer, although it is necessary to address, taking into account the number of solar power plants distributed throughout the United States.

Thinking about this, a team of researchers from the Department of Energy (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory was given the task of developing a technology that would help them decipher this question.

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Prior to this, we must start from the fact that in solar installations birds have a high rate of activity that is not taken into account by the human personnel in charge.

In this sense, birds feed, reproduce, then nest and finally die. It is in each of these processes where the way in which solar energy affects is unknown.

Regarding this, the director of environmental development of the utility company Duke Energy, Misti Sporer indicated:

Real-time bird-solar interactions are a black hole in data terms […] We don’t have a complete picture of how birds use these sites, because the moment you put someone on the ground, the birds fly away or do something in reaction to the human observer.

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That is why the initiative was taken to launch a three-year project in which advanced cameras and artificial intelligence will be used to monitor the activity carried out by birds in solar installations.

It is worth mentioning that the Argonne researchers have been collecting videos on solar installations since the spring of 2020, as well as running computer algorithms and subjecting them to training, so that they may be able to recognize birds in the environment.

Added to this, the system is being trained to classify all the actions carried out by the birds, including those where they collide with the solar panels.

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