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They stop a hacker group that sold stolen data

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The Polish and Swiss authorities have collaborated with Europol to end the hacker group known as InfinityBlack.

These hackers were well known for distributing stolen credentials, as well as creating and distributing malware or hacking tools. Various frauds are also attributed to him. Its operations were carried out on European soil, which is why it represents a victory for the state’s security forces and bodies in this field. We give you all the keys after the jump.

Europol continues to collaborate with the different national police forces in various operations against hacking or content piracy. In recent times, they have made important achievements to end pirated IPTV, but now they have managed to score somewhat in different terrains, such as the world of hackers. In this case, it is a group that sold complete databases with private credentials.

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InfinityBlack hacker group goes down

On April 29, several joint operations were carried out in Poland and five people who would be members of this hacker group were arrested. The Polish National Police seized various computer equipment, external hard drives and cryptocurrency wallets with a value of about 100,000 euros. In addition, they closed two databases with more than 170 million records in the form of private credentials, obtained mainly in Switzerland.

back door hacker

This group of hackers had even created an online sales platform to sell these private credentials on the Dark Web. According to Europol, the group was perfectly organized into three different teams, each with a role. Some created tools to check “the quality” of the stolen data, others analyzed them in detail and finally, others were in charge of selling them in packages on the aforementioned Internet sales platforms.

Their main source of stolen data was related to rewards programs. In fact, they had created a complex system to steal thousands of accounts in Switzerland. It is estimated that the losses caused were about 50,000 euros, although they could have been up to 610,000 euros if the operation had not been stopped in time.

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The Police set them up with the purchase of these data, managing to relate them to people in Poland. The collaboration between Switzerland and Poland, with Europol involved, was key to completing the arrests. This organism also provided the technical means and the necessary support so that everything concluded satisfactorily.


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