They sell the data of 487 million WhatsApp users

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Through a platform commonly used by cybercriminals for the exchange of information and the sale of data, a hacker claims having obtained the data of 487 million WhatsApp usersof which 11 million correspond to data belonging to Spanish users.

WhatsApp currently has 2,000 million active users worldwide, so the attack would affect 25% of the total

From a sample of data that has been disclosed by the hacker himself to verify his statement, it has been possible to verify that of the 1097 numbers registered in the United Kingdom plus another 817 registered in the United States of America all of them correspond to real users.

The hacker published this database on November 16 and it includes telephone numbers belonging to users from 84 different countries, the following being the ones with the largest number of affected:

-Egypt: 45 million numbers leaked

-Italy: 35 million leaked numbers

-USA: 32 million numbers leaked

-France: 20 million numbers leaked

In the case of Spain, 11 million telephone numbers would be affected. Taking into account that WhatsApp currently has around 2,000 million active users, having obtained data from 487 million of its users, those affected would be almost a quarter.

The instant messaging platform has not yet issued any statement in this regard, but in any case the leaked data They would not allow anyone who had them to access WhatsApp accounts nor, therefore, to the messages or personal information of the user contained in them.

In any case, this may be a good time to add security measures such as verification in the WhatsApp account.

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