They reveal secrets of the iPhone 15 Pro: what about the mysterious ‘action button’?

iphone 15 pro buttons cad leak.jpg
iphone 15 pro buttons cad leak.jpg

At this point and with the months remaining for the presentation of the iPhone 15, it is becoming inevitable that the rumors continue through networks and in the community. Among these comments it is indicated that the mute switch changes to an “Action” button, also making some improvements regarding how to turn off your smartphone.

The constant rumors have not stopped during these months, but they have been specific regarding the fact that the Cupertino company wants to change the buttons for the following versions of iPhone 15 Pro for solid state ones. It is also believed that there is a possibility to integrate a unified volume button and simply replace the mute switch with a button. It is now believed that the mute switch will have some total changes.

Will iPhone 15 change the buttons in the Pro version?

according to @analyst941’s Twitter profile, who is also on a MacRumors forum, the typical mute switch will now become an “Action” button. Apparently the new “Action” button will be one totally focused on some functions that the volume buttons already perform.

Apple customarily has the iPhone perform a “force reboot” through a combination of volume up and power button. Well this could change with the action and power buttons, as mentioned by the leaker.

In addition, it may be that the action buttons add some changes on the functions of increasing volume and applying autofocus on the camera thanks to a soft touch. Meanwhile, a long, strong press will trigger the camera to record a video.

The action buttons seem to be able to capture types of pulsations, since they are sensitive to how much force you put when touching it. However, it appears that @analyst941, being a reliable source from the outlet MacRumors reported that it may also be that the iPhone 15 Pro does not finally have this design.

According to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, on April 12 the company indicated that the solid-state buttons had finally been abandoned. All this is due to a production problem of the company. The funny thing is that this statement by Kuo was practically after a Jeff Pu who announced something similar.

Should solid-state buttons ever become a reality, the sensitivity that they would show would grant operation even with gloves or covers. There were also rumors about a change from volume buttons to just one long button.

However, after the rumored delays it seems that these new solid-state volume controls would arrive for later generations such as the iPhone 16.