They put a body on ChatGPT, and take it out on the street

robot chatgpt.jpg
robot chatgpt.jpg

In a curious video circulating on YouTube, the popular character Blake Messick takes ChatGPT, the famous artificial intelligence model, for a walk, literally. Unfortunately, for the robot, this outing did not end as expected.

An ingenious idea but complicated to materialize

Blake devised an experiment: give ChatGPT a physical form using an inflatable doll and a remote control vehicle. However, this turned out to be more complicated than it seemed. After several failed attempts and spending $50 on a useless remote control car, he finally found the perfect solution: a flashy lime green toy Jeep.

With the inflatable ChatGPT aboard the Jeep, Blake was ready to begin his tour. The reactions of the people on the street were immediate and were really funny. A resourceful individual did not miss the opportunity to ask the inflatable ChatGPT for the winning numbers of the lottery.

An unexpected twist on the streets

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until the robot caught the attention of two men who appeared to be homeless people. One of them began to beat the artificial intelligence creation relentlessly, until he finally picked it up and threw it unceremoniously onto the sidewalk. Blake couldn’t contain his disappointment and exclaimed, “They’ve killed my robot!”

A commenter’s wry remark that the homeless man had saved the world from a robotic invasion drew laughter from video viewers.

From a tech-savvy journalistic approach, this experiment represents a creative attempt to give a text-based artificial intelligence like ChatGPT a physical form. Blake Messick, a well-known YouTube content creator, embarked on the task of giving the AI ​​model a tangible presence.

While the end result made for a humorous and entertaining experience for viewers, it also brought out some important considerations. On the one hand, the humorous reaction of people on the street reflects the curiosity and surprise that interaction with a physical form of AI can generate in an everyday environment, although the presence of homeless people continues to be the priority that no one gives.

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