They last less than a movie and are perfect for your children to immerse themselves in Christmas

Beyond the Christmas movies that we can watch on Disney+ with children (or without them, if you are a fan of romantic comedies), there are also some Disney Christmas shorts to get us into the festive spirit early or meet popular characters like Elsa, Ana or the adorable Olaf. Just a few minutes in these mini-movies that we can see on the streaming platform come December.

Elves, snowmen, Santa Claus… All the elements of Christmas appear in these short films that last just half an hour or forty minutes and are perfect for getting into the holidays.

Landing Patrol

State-of-the-art elves are the protagonists of this Disney short film, Landing Patrol. They are part of the elite unit. A group of cutting-edge elves who must ensure that everything is ready for Santa’s visit to homes around the world. But Wayne is not going to have a good year: he has been working tirelessly to do this job for more than 200 years and he has not been promoted, but rather he has been paired with a rookie who will not make things easy for him and will cause him to meet with many challenges if you want the essence of Santa Claus to reach all the children of the world.

Satr Wars: Happy Holidays Special

This special released in 2020 is not so much a short film but a Christmas special of around 50 minutes that we can see on Disney and if you are a Star Wars fan. The characters of the entire saga, of all the trilogies, prepare to celebrate Life Day. To celebrate this milestone, Rey (in the fun LEGO toy version of him) will go searching for a Jedi Temple with BB8. This temple will allow you to take a 47-minute tour of the entire saga, with mythical characters from all the films and unpublished scenes with the characteristic LEGO humor.

Superhero Adventures: Fight on Ice

It is not a short film as such, as in the previous case, but a Christmas special with Marvel drawings as the protagonists and with a duration of just over an hour. But set with Christmas and with the usual theme in this type of productions: the villains want Christmas to be suspended forever and Loki seeks to steal Santa Claus’ powers but the Avengers must do everything possible to prevent it and allow the holidays are celebrated.

Frozen shorts

With LEGO format, Winter Lights is not a short film itself but a collection of Frozen short films that we can see at Christmas, although their theme is not particularly Christmas-y, although, of course, there is no shortage of snow and magic. In these four eight-minute episodes, the northern lights have not made the expected appearance (like every year) in the kingdom of Arendelle. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf will go on a trip to the north to find out what could have happened. And solve it.

Frozen is already, in itself, an ideal movie to watch when December arrives. But there are also Christmas shorts starring their characters. Olaf, Elsa, Ana, Sven and the others. A total of 22 minutes in a Christmas short in which Olaf and Sven are going to team up to prepare the best atmosphere for the holidays. They want all the traditions of the kingdom of Arendelle to be celebrated in the palace so that Elsa and Anna can enjoy a very special Christmas as a family. And, of course, the snowman’s pranks and occurrences will bring a smile to both young and old.

Santa Claus’s workshop

It lasts only seven minutes and is a short film designed for the most nostalgic. One of the oldest Disney Plus Christmas shorts: it’s from the 1930s but today we can watch it again online. It premiered in 1932 and tells us how Santa and the elves are preparing for each year’s event: the sleigh ride that takes place at Christmas. But the toys have come to life. Less than ten minutes of a short film that may seem obsolete and about which Disney warns the following: “this content includes negative representations or inappropriate treatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were incorrect then and they are incorrect now…” This is a short film that is almost a hundred years old.