They invent a helmet that allows you to work while sleeping

they invent a helmet that allows you to work while sleeping
they invent a helmet that allows you to work while sleeping

The American start-up Prophetic is currently developing a headset equipped with ultrasound transmitters for transcranial stimulation. She hopes to trigger a lucid dream state in the wearer that may allow them to use new approaches to solve problems in their sleep.

Work while sleeping, this is the dystopian bet of the start-up Prophetic. The firm is in the process of developing a headset, called the Halo, which would allow you to achieve a lucid dream state, in other words being aware of dreaming. The goal would be to be more productive during sleep, including being able to take new approaches to solving problems, writing programming code, or simply rehearsing before a meeting or sports practice.

It’s not the first device to claim to induce a lucid dream state . However, Prophetic is collaborating with Afshin Mehin, the creator of Neuralink N1 Elon Musk, or Sterling Crispin, who worked on the Apple Vision Pro as a specialist in neuro technologies.


Ultrasound to induce lucid dreams

The Halo will use machine learning algorithms trained on electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging(fMRI) obtained during lucid dreams . Thanks to sensors EEG integrated into the helmet, it should detect when the wearer is dreaming. The Halo uses the stimulation transcranial by ultrasound to activate the zones of the brain involved in decision-making and consciousness, which is believed to induce a lucid dream state.

However, the helmet does not yet exist. Currently, Prophetic is conducting a study in collaboration with the Donders Institute in the Netherlands to obtain the necessary data on the use of ultrasound . The firm plans to create its headset from spring 2024, test it at the end of 2024, then launch it in spring 2025. The price of the headset is estimated between $1,500 and $2,000, and can already be reserved with a deposit of $100.

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