“They don’t hear me when I call or send a WhatsApp audio”: this quick test will tell you if your Android’s microphone has broken

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With this simple tool you can check if the microphone is not damaged, totally free and without downloads


Our Android mobile equips many components inside in order to be able to perform various tasks, such as sensors, the processor, or memories. But the most essential function of a phone is not to send a message on Instagram or check the weather, no, it is to make calls – among other forms of communication – and for this it has more than one microphone.

Precisely if we are having problems being heard from our personal cell phone, there may be a microphone failure. But before falling into despair, before installing applications that promise a lot and then do nothing, before all that, try this test that will check if the microphone works normally.

My Android microphone doesn’t work

If there is one essential element for a mobile phone, whether smart or not, it is the microphone. With the rise of our favorite operating system, these went from being used solely and exclusively for calls, to being used on a multitude of occasions in which we use our voice to communicate.

Assistant Microphone
The microphone of our mobile phone is not only used for calls, it is also necessary to talk to Google Assistant

Send a WhatsApp audio, talk to the Google Assistant, a video call… we could expand and even make a list of all tasks that require the microphone to be done normally. However, like any other component of our mobile, it can stop working.

The tedious thing about a microphone problem is finding the reason, as well as the cause and possible solutions to bring it back. But before starting to try different actions that allow us to solve it, we must know if the microphone is really working, or on the contrary, its time has come.

It can be anything from a permission not granted, to an error with a specific app, but locating the problem becomes more complicated if it comes from the hardware. Therefore, the first thing we recommend doing is passing a simple test that will tell us if it is operational.

MicTests it’s a website light and free which contains a tool to test microphones. It is compatible with any device, even computers, as it is also with our Android mobile. We tell you how to use it.

MicTest is the final verdict to know if our microphone has died

As we say, if physically the main microphone of our phone is in good condition, should work in any app. If not, which is why we are here, it is advisable to do a test. You can do it through applications like ‘Microphone test’although with the aforementioned tool you will not need to download anything.

Microphone Test

It will be as simple as entering the utility’s website from our header browser (we have verified it with Google Chrome), and run it by tapping on the ‘Test my microphone’ button. Before the button appears, MicTests will check the input devices of our device, so if it does not appear, there is something preventing access to the microphone.

During the test, we will observe waves that accompany our voice, reflecting that the microphone is capturing sound. We will be asked to greet with a simple “hello”, as well as make noises to check if the microphone is working properly.

When finished, it will return a small recording of what was captured, and this will help us detect part of the problem. It is worth mentioning that we must make sure that Chrome (or the browser we use) has the permission to access microphone.

Chrome Access Microphone

To do this, go to Settings > Applications > See all applications. And from the list, tap on your browser app. Then, we will go to ‘Permissions’, and within ‘Microphone’, we must make sure that it is set to ‘Always allow’ or ‘Allow while using the application’.

Be that as it may, if this first test ends in positive result Congratulations, you no longer have to continue thinking about the damn microphone. If not, we will have to go back to the ring and check it in other ways, so cheer up. As a last remedy, there will always be technical service (and perhaps the best option if it is a hardware problem).

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