They discover the link that does block the WhatsApp application for Android

In the last few hours, various pieces of information have been circulating that point to an error in the WhatsApp application for Android devices, whereby a simple link shared in a text message, either in an individual conversation or in a group conversation, will suffice to block the application, having to resume again to return to use normally.

On the one hand, there is what is stated in publications such as Android Authority, which point to the “” link shared in a text message, that as soon as you open the conversation where it is available, it will block the application, having to be restarted again to be used again.

The aforementioned publication indicates that the problem affects version, although it is also likely to affect other versions, even reaching WhatsApp Business, pointing to the way in which WhatsApp resolves the real URLs that are found as the main culprit. found behind shortened links.

The link that does affect even the mobile in general

But now other information is also appearing that refutes the previous one and points to another link, “”, which does completely block the application, but that is, as long as you click on it, entering the loop phone.

According to Xataka Android, pressing this link not only affects the application but also slows down the performance of the mobile itself in general, although this will vary depending on the power of the mobile itself.

They comment that pressing the mentioned link causes WhatsApp to try to open a channel link but without the name of the channel, entering an endless loop, until the system closes the conflicting process after a while, but in the meantime , is capable of generating some overheating of the device.

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They recommend that, if you have clicked on the link, try to force the application to close, or in the worst case, restart the mobile.

Remembering similar problems in the past

It is not the first time that the WhatsApp application has been affected by specific messages, in fact some will remember how pressing a message with a black circle managed to get the application blocked five years ago, or more than just receiving a message with more than 4,000 emojis.

Be that as it may, the point is that you have to be careful with what you receive, even from reliable contacts, since it will not be the first time that the mobile of an affected user is dedicated to sending massive information to their contacts with a malicious link. .

An aspect to solve in future updates

These issues should be on the table for WhatsApp developers to apply definitive solutions that avoid these bad experiences as far as possible, being an application belonging to a large technology company that is used daily by more than 2,000 million users in everyone.