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They design a mouse that will keep you active on the computer, even if you are not using it

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After spending a long time in front of the computer doing home office, it is understandable that we feel the need to get up and take a break, either to eat, go to the bathroom or simply clear our minds before resuming the tasks we were doing.

However, in the event of prolonged absence, the computer locks the screen and causes the operating system to enter a state that shows us as absent on social networks, or on any other platform where we are connected.

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In that instance there has been I’mOn, a gadget designed to make you appear active at all times, even if you are not in front of the computer. In that sense, I’mOn will prevent your computer screen from locking or make you absent.

I’mOn executes an instruction that move the mouse every 5 seconds, also transmitting the sounds from your computer to the included bluetooth speaker.

All you have to do is put your mouse on the I’mOn, take your portable speaker and go to another part of the house to relax without worrying.

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Thanks to I’mOn actions, your status will always remain available and you will be notified at the time it occurs a sound or beep coming from an app or tool you’re using.

Added to this, I’mOn has power capacities equivalent to having two fast chargers USB-C Power Delivery (PD) one of 10 watts and two of 20 wattsalthough presented in a much more compact way.

Those interested in acquiring the I’mOn will be able to pre-order it for a cost of $125 on Kickstarter, although they have not yet achieved the proposed goal to close the campaign.

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