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These Xiaomi smartbands and smartwatch will stop receiving support very soon

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Xiaomi It has positioned itself as one of the main references when it comes to buying a smart watch or an activity bracelet. And it is that the manufacturer’s product catalog does not stop growing with new smartbands and smartwatches with which to continue sweeping in terms of sales.

We have a good example in its Mi Band family, although it will now be called Xiaomi Smart Band, and which have the honor of being the best-selling activity bracelets worldwide. And from what we have seen so far, the Mi Band 7 is going to be a real hit in sales

But of course, time passes and some of its best-selling products begin to lose support for future updates. Now, the company itself has just announced through its official website which devices will no longer be supported very soon.

These Xiaomi smartwatch and smartband will no longer receive support

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Xiaomi activity bracelet Xiaomi

As you may have seen, the following wearables will no longer offer support.

  • MI Smart Band 1
  • MI Smart Band 2
  • MI Smart Band 3
  • MI Smart Band 3i
  • MI Smart Band 4
  • Xiaomi Watch
  • Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring Edition

In case you are interested, these other Xiaomi gadgets also lose support:

  • MI Smart Band 1
  • MI Robot Vacuum-Mop
  • MI Robot Vacuum-Mop P (TW)
  • Roborock Robot Vacuum-Mop (TW-White)
  • My Smart Video Doorbell 2 Lite
  • My Home Security Camera 360° 1080P
  • My Home Smart Cat Eye
  • Mi Home Xiaobai Smart Camera Enhanced
  • my electric scooter
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As you may have seen, the list of Xiaomi products that stop receiving support is quite extensive. But what does that mean? Well, if you have a device that has been mentioned in the list, you will no longer be able to update your equipment or receive new security patches.

Note that the wearable will continue to function normally. In this way, if, for example, you have a Xiaomi Mi Band 4, know that you can continue using this activity bracelet without any problem and it will not lose any of its functions. But you do have to keep in mind that there will be no future updates.

It is true that they will no longer be as safe as before, but they are still perfectly functional. In any case, you can always take the opportunity to renew your old gadget with a more current model. And considering the low prices of most of the Beijing-based manufacturer’s solutions, it’s still the perfect time to buy a new Xiaomi smartwatch, or even wait for the launch of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, which will arrive next June. , to get this activity bracelet.

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