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These would be the crazy prices that the first iPad with an OLED screen would have

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One of the things that Apple fans have been waiting for for a long time is the arrival of the iPad with OLED screen. The truth is that the improvement in image quality and the possible functions that would be integrated justify this, but there is something that is sure to happen in the devices at the time they are announced: they will not be cheap. And information comes to confirm this.

One of the things that seems more than certain is which are the tablets of the Cupertino company that will release this type of panel. As it cannot be otherwise, this privilege will fall on the Pro, which are the most complete and differential models offered by the firm on the market. And specifically, it is expected that there will be two models that will be launched at first: those with a 11 and 13 inches. This would make the script follow perfectly, and generally Tim Cook doesn’t tend to stray from it unless it’s strictly necessary, something that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Some prices that will be of a great impact… for high

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Well then, according to some data that have appeared and that takes into account the prices that supplies currently have, and the margins that the Cupertino company usually applies, it may be that the sale prices of the first iPad with OLED screens are one of those that make more than one have to sit down from the good scare they get…. Even in the case of Apple, it is already known how they are spent on what is paid for their products.

Girl using an Apple iPad

The fact is that the cheapest model, which will be the 11 incheswill have a starting price of 1.500 dollars. Yes, you read it right. That is the amount that will have to be paid in the US (so it cannot be ruled out that it is a little more in Spain). A madness… that stays with him 13-inch iPad Pro with OLED: in this case we talk about $1,800. Amounts that are crazy and absolutely prohibitive -since we are talking about increases that are close to eight hundred dollars-.

Arrival of the iPad Pro with OLED

Well, the truth is that everything points to it will be in 2024 when Apple plans to do this, so it is possible that you have time to save… Be that as it may, it is clear that, if the North American firm does this with the iPad, it will have perfectly studied the market -and, therefore, what can expect from him. But, of course, for many, seeing the amounts mentioned above is the same as wishing they had a helicopter… but being something that is beyond their means.


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