These wireless headphones for less than 30 euros risk being the nugget of Black Friday

It happens from time to time that an unknown manufacturer arrives on the market offering a product at a ridiculous price only to end up surprising for its high quality.

is exactly what happens to these wireless headphones from the QXQ brand which amazed everyone and received the excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 given by more than 2,000 verified users. The most incredible thing is still their price of 49.99 euros.

If this price is very attractive, the online sales site Amazon is currently reducing it by 48% to bring it down to only 25.99 euros. As if that were not enough, you have a button to click Coupon to take advantage of an additional discount of 6 euros. Finally, these QXQ wireless headphones only cost you 19.99 euros and there is no point waiting for Black Friday . But what about their design and quality?

These headphones are unknown, almost given but amazed everyone!

Like its competitors, the QXQ wireless earbuds use the Bluetooth protocol to connect to a smartphone. Note that they are compatible with Android and iOS. Still like its competitors, it also comes with a charging case.

Particularly clever detail, the charging case is equipped with a small screen which gives you the percentage of its battery at a glance. Quite practical. Fully charged, you have a total autonomy of up to 40 hours. Magic !

But the most impressive thing is still its sound quality which is absolutely remarkable for wireless headphones at this price. We are dealing here with 13 mm transducers capable of reproducing the entire frequency range audible to the human ear in a remarkable manner.

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In other words, you can spend a lot or rush out for the QXQ S26 wireless earbuds, ultimately costing you just $19.99 on Amazon.