These revolutionary batteries are cheaper, greener and never explode

these revolutionary batteries are cheaper greener and never explode.jpg
these revolutionary batteries are cheaper greener and never explode.jpg

Scientists work on the manufacture of the aqueous battery

The search for the perfect battery continues. Scientists do not stop investigating new possibilities to see if they end up hitting the key that will help them change the market from top to bottom. For now, it seems that a group of specialists could have achieved it, since this new battery has a series of benefits that are hard to beat today.

Are cheap, ecological and do not explode. These are the three pillars on which the new type of battery that has been presented by RMIT University in Australia is based. To give it shape, what they have done is resort to water, an element that was used by many experts who, in the past, did not consider combining it in any way with the manufacture of batteries.

An intelligent process

These scientists were clear that, for their project to work, they had to get rid of the chemical electrolytes that are so dangerous in normal batteries. Using water They have demonstrated that they have achieved this and that, in addition, they have in their hands a type of battery that is recyclable and ecological, which represents notable advantages to take into account.

A very safe and ecological water battery

The components of these aqueous batteries are made up of a series of metals that are not as aggressive as those that are more common on the market. In this way, it has mainly been used a zinc and magnesium structure. This has two advantages. The first of them is to pollute less and provide a lower level of toxicity compared to other materials, while the second is something as practical as they are metals whose construction is cheaper.

But how does it work?

The internal functioning of the battery does not change compared to that of a normal battery. The electrons have to move from the positive to the negative side to generate the necessary process that allows the batteries to provide us with the necessary energy. The change found in these batteries is that the element used for the internal movement is not harmful as in a normal battery, but rather it is a mixture of water and salts. If we take into account the value of leaving aside sulfuric acid and changing it for water, we can perfectly understand the importance of this type of battery.

Thanks to the results they have obtained from their study, which can be read in full in Advanced Materials, those responsible for the project say that these water batteries could have a great importance ten years from now. Today it is difficult for them to take the place of lithium-ion batteries, but in the future it is possible that they can be considered a solid and safe alternative.

They talk, above all, about how not only will it be a cheap battery because of what we have mentioned about its metallic materials, and ecological because of what we have also said, but it will also be safe. The best example they give is the memory of the many devices whose lithium batteries have exploded for one reason or another. They place special emphasis on how lithium is a dangerous active metal that, due to the way it is used, exposes itself to possible risks. This would be something that would not happen with aqueous batteries.

They also focus on how, for now, the tests they have done have shown them that water batteries are more resistant and that, even after a period of 500 charge cycles, they still They maintain more than 85% of their capacity. Therefore, an additional advantage could be added to its use. For now they have tested them in small battery format for watches and in cylindrical versions that could replace classic AA or AAA batteries. The results have been good, so, right now, their goal is to be able to make the pertinent adjustments and to have batteries with which to power all types of mobile devices. They still have a long way to go, but the project seems promising and it is good to see that it has already produced positive results in its tests.

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