These players with Android TV were sold on Amazon and hide malware

These players with Android TV were sold on Amazon and hide malware
these players with android tv were sold on amazon and

One of the best ways to provide your television with the capabilities of a Smart TV, or use Android TV as an operating system in a model with another SEO is to bet on a multimedia player such as Chromecast or a type of equipment. Android TV Box.

Taking into account the range of possibilities offered by this operating system for televisions, it is normal for you to want to have Android TV on a Samsung or LG Smart TV, for example. But be very careful if you have bought a Chinese model on Amazon, because two of the most popular brands hide malware. And their equipment was sold on Amazon.

As reported from TechCrunch, several Android TV players from AllWinner and RockChip sold at stores like Amazon hide malware inside. So if you have a model of these brands, it is better that you take the precautions that you see fit.

Beware of these Android TV players: they spy on you

According to security researchers, it has been detected that some players with Android TV hide a clickbot, which is dedicated to opening ads in the background. With this, the player works a little slower, and WiFi network bandwidth is being used so that the owner of this botnet (think of tens of thousands of players opening advertising pages in the background and clicking), is pocket some good money doing nothing.

The player looks normal, and has more than enough power to run the system smoothly, but it hides a danger inside. “But because of the way the malware is designed, authors can send whatever payload they want,” security researcher Daniel Milisic, who first discovered the malware, told TechCrunch.

Always buy a player from a well-known brand

Besides, this report has been independently verified by EFF security researcher Bill BudingtonSo we are facing a serious problem. Mainly because both researchers think the same thing: it is impossible to remove the malware that hides inside, so if you have a player from the mentioned brands, you better throw it away.

How have they managed to sneak a player with malware? Well, offering the product at a very competitive price. Also, they don’t really use Android TV, but rather an Android fork for mobile phones that stands out for offering a traced interface. But it hides malware and there is no oversight to prevent this.

The best thing you can do is throw your Android TV player from AllWinner and RockChip into the trash. And always bet on well-known brands such as Xiaomi or NVIDIA since, as you may have seen, sometimes cheap is expensive.


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