These cheap instant cameras cannot be missing at your wedding

these cheap instant cameras cannot be missing at your wedding
these cheap instant cameras cannot be missing at your wedding

One of the essential accessories at a wedding is an instant camera. It allows us to take photographs that will be printed at the moment and are ideal when placing them in the wedding album along with a dedication. A unique and original souvenir for a special day.

There are many instant printers you can buy and all of them are a great option, butor it will depend on how much you want to spend, what is the photo format what you like or other aspects. For example, some printers print in the classic vintage-style Polaroid photo format. But others print little sticky photos on ZINK paper that you can stick on any mural or album No need for adhesives or glue.

In addition, they are not only a good option for weddings, but later they are an original and fun gadget that you can take anywhere and with which to immortalize all kinds of moments.

Polaroid Now

If you want the classic, Polaroid. The brand was the most popular in the eighties and nineties in this type of cameras and now it has brought some models back to the market. Among them, the Polaroid Now is a great option if you’re looking for instant wedding cameras because it gives you the retro but original touch What will be needed at the event? And it’s available in many different colors: pink, red, black, grey, blue, yellow, white, green… They all cost around 100 euros but they don’t include paper, you’ll have to buy it separately to start using it.

It has autofocus, double exposure and great sharpness. But there is only one catch: Polaroid paper is usually much more expensive than other brands on this list, so it will be a bigger outlay if you want to have many guests pasting their images in your wedding album.

polaroid camera

Instax Mini 12

Instax is one of the most popular brands today if we talk about printers or instant cameras. And the Mini 12 is one of their latest models with all kinds of functions. Available in pink, lilac or blue It allows us to have instant photos with the size of a credit card and compatible with all Instax Mini brand films.

Bet on a Polaroid type style with white borders although smaller than the original camera of the eighties. The camera works with two batteries and has a built-in flash for a good result in any circumstance. Also has selfie lens included for selfies perfect before printing.

Instax Mini 12

And one of its main advantages is that it is a cheap option for less than 90 euros. In addition, another advantage is the number of different papers that we find for this model: you can not only get the classic one with white edges but also with colored edges or patterns such as hearts or cartoons.

Instax Square SQ1

Also from Instax we can buy the Square SQ1 if what we want is a larger format than the previous one. The photos are larger and square format. The images are 72mm x 86mm and the camera has all sorts of features: auto exposure, selfie mirror, optical viewfinder, optical zoom and flash.

It is a recommended option if you are looking for the images are not so small and is compatible with Instax brand papers. Like the rest, it does not need ink but compatible papers that we can find in any online store or in specialized stores.

instax sq1

Kodak Mini Shot

If you want a retro look, the Kodak Mini Shot 3 is another of the best options. In addition, you can buy a pack with the camera and 68 sheets included to have everything ready for your wedding. Or a perfect gift pack to give to the couple and have an original and fun gift.

It uses 4Pass technology and, like the rest, it does not need ink but prints in layers. Photos are also long lasting, waterproof and fingerprint proof. In addition, it has another advantage: not only can we print the photos we take with the instant camera, but we can also print the snapshots taken with the mobile phone with Bluetooth.



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