These are the things you should do when you buy new wireless headphones for your mobile

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these are the things you should do when you buy.jpg

Testing new headphones

The purchase of wireless headphones for use on mobile phones is the order of the day. They have become one of the essential accessories that we use constantly, whether to listen to music or simply making or receiving calls. Therefore, it is convenient that you know what you have to do the moment you buy a new model. How to guarantee that you will start taking advantage of them without problems?

Although you may already be used to using wireless headphones and all types of earbuds, the truth is that it is an accessory that there are still people who are using for the first time. Or maybe you had an old model and now, with the new ones, you are a little lost at how much they have changed. But don’t worry, because we have you covered.

Adjust the size to your ear

Although there are models that do not have a customization option, with many wireless headphones, such as in-ear headphones, they are incorporated various ear adapters that give you the possibility of finding the most suitable size for you. Don’t choose the first one you see or think that the size you were using with previous headphones has to be the same one that suits you now. Make sure you try the different options and see in a real way which one fits best in your ear and with which, at the same time, you feel most comfortable.

New wireless headphones in their box

The silicone hooks they incorporate are very practical and you can change them easily, so don’t be afraid to make a first adjustment to be sure that you will enjoy a good experience. Typically, most of these headphones come with three pairs, so the size options are quite generous. If you want your selection process to be even better, introduce another factor when evaluating them: the way in which they isolate you from outside noise. In addition, we recommend that you do the sound test in each of the two ears. You’d be surprised how many people have to wear one size of cover in one ear and a different size in the other. It’s nothing strange, don’t worry!

Of course, not all headphones have this customization system of size. In over-ear headphones, for example, you will have to customize them by loosening or tightening the adjustment system more.

Install your application

For many users it is tempting to take their new wireless headphones out of the box, pair them with their mobile phone and start using them. Without further ado. But if you do not benefit from the features and possibilities that this accessory provides, your experience using them may not be satisfactory. Therefore, the first thing you should make sure of is if there is an app you can install on your mobile. These apps can vary significantly from one model to another, providing more or less possibilities depending on the brand or range to which the headphones correspond. But, in any case, the important thing is to take a look in case there is something you can take advantage of.

Using headphones to talk

Using the app on your headphones thoroughly can open up a world of possibilities. You will be able to improve and adjust the way in which you receive the sound directly in your ears, the level of outside noise cancellation or other factors related to the use of the accessory. Those little things end up making a difference and avoiding uncomfortable situations in which you think that the headphones you bought don’t sound as good as they should. After all, hearing is something very personal and that is why manufacturers make sure that you have the possibility to customize the way you listen with their headphones.

In the best case, you will have an app that will adjust the sound that reaches your ears taking into account the audio tests you do while using them. In other situations you will encounter optional processes that They will be even deeper, but that can lead to your use of headphones becoming a pleasant experience. Using the app will also give you quick access to information such as the remaining battery of the headphones, pairing with other devices, or it can even help you find them if you have misplaced them at home, as is often the case.

Do a sound check

Whether you have installed and are using the application or you didn’t want to get so complicated, the sound test is going to be essential. To everything we have already told you in the previous paragraphs, we must add that it is very important that, before finishing the configuration, test the headphones critically. And the best way to do that is by listening to songs that you know well and that you have heard hundreds of times.

Listening to song with wireless headphones

The reason for choosing this type of song is because your ears are already accustomed to listening to it in an appropriate way over the years and you surely have a maximum ability to appreciate nuances. You need to check that the bass and bass are at the right level and that the voices are also heard perfectly. You know what it has to sound like, so don’t settle for less than what you expect. If there is something that makes you think that you are not listening to the song at the best level, it is best to access the equalizer and make adjustments until you have found the key.

It is true that it may require more time than you would invest, but it will be worth it. Some current headphones allow you to create different profiles and configurations for different styles of music or taking other parameters into account. We recommend that you evaluate all the options and invest a little time until you know that you have in your ears the best headphones you have ever tried.

Check your songs

What type of sound file are you trying to listen to and What quality is it capable of reaching?? If you have bought good wireless headphones, you may be expecting a sound that will “blow your mind” and then you will be disappointed because you don’t notice much of a difference. This may happen because the file you are trying to listen to cannot actually perform any further.

Answering call on wireless headphones

It is something common and it not only happens with files you have on your mobile, but it can also happen with what you are playing on streaming services. Therefore it is recommended that you look at the options reproduction of the tools you use and, now, select the best quality levels. Also, make sure that you are not missing any type of codec to be able to listen to everything optimally.

Other recommendations

First of all, try to feel good while using the headphones and wait until the experience convinces you. Most likely, if there is something that doesn’t quite fit, it is because there is still a adjustment or improvement you can make from the app or settings. And if you have problems with the Bluetooth connection, don’t hesitate to check everything thoroughly either. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if, when you use the headphones for the first time, you put them on charge and increase the battery a little more than the included one. Surely you won’t have to charge them for a long time and you will enjoy them to the fullest.

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