These are the Spanish solar panels in which Leonardo DiCaprio has invested

these are the spanish solar panels in which leonardo dicaprio.jpg
these are the spanish solar panels in which leonardo dicaprio.jpg

An installer putting a solar panel on a roof

Leonardo DiCaprio himself has set its sights on our country and has invested in a promising project that seeks to dominate the solar panel market. Well known for his considered investments and support for the environment, the actor is a reference that is putting this Spanish business before the eyes of millions of people.

Spain and, in general, all of Europe, are going to change a lot between now and the coming years. The European Commission is working on the REPowerEU plan, which is made up of different initiatives that intend to implement ecological measures. Among other projects, one of those that are within this measure is SolarMente, the Spanish solar panel project that has received support from the famous Hollywood actor.

Solar panels for everyone

Democratizing solar energy is what SolarMente seeks to do and what it hopes to achieve with the financing it is obtaining through various means. They are aware that, as the European Commission points out, Spain is far behind the logical forecasts to which it should be responding. Specialists from abroad do not understand that we Spaniards do not have a large part of our geography full of solar panels taking into account the enormous amount of sun that we enjoy in the country.

The founders of the Spanish company SolarMente

The figures place us behind other countries with less sun, such as Germany, and that is something that SolarMente wants to help change. The goal is for solar panels to reach the maximum number of homes and buildings and for it to become normal to see how the roofs of our homes are just as full of panels as those of other countries. The founders of SolarMente, who come from the Netherlands and France, aspire to make the paradigm of solar energy changes in our country. They know that they have a guarantee in their hands from which they will be able to benefit: the introduction of new standards in 2026. According to the European Commission, it is possible that, from that year on, all new buildings built will have than being required to have solar panels. That would change everything.

DiCaprio’s first investment in Spain

There are many companies in which the actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested, especially startups and businesses with the potential to change the environmental situation in the world. But this is the first time that the Oscar-winning actor opts for Spain. One of the reasons why he has done so has been the similarity that SolarMente has with Bright, a company in which he has also invested and that has a philosophy similar to the Spanish business, but operating in Mexican territory. According to the founders of the Spanish company, the day they met with the actor, he did not stop showing them the projects in which he invests and with which he hopes to contribute something positive in the fight against climate change. That enthusiasm was quickly transmitted to the SolarMente team, which has received an injection of encouragement to continue working as hard as they have been doing so far.

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Furthermore, this connection between the two solar panel companies could help them, at some point in the future, even collaborate. But for that to happen, it is still early. Right now SolarMente is focused on ensuring that its solar panels reach as many buildings, roofs and facilities as possible where Spaniards can benefit from obtaining solar energy.

Thanks to the new investment and the explosion of popularity that they will possibly have in the near future, SolarMente sets the goal of installing more panels so that the stress load usually implied by the fluctuation that it has can be reduced. the price of electricity in Spain. In addition, they also believe that they can play an important role in helping to increase the adoption of electric cars.

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