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These are the photos that confirm the design changes on the iPhone 12

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The less time there is for the new iPhone 12 to arrive in stores, the more certainties we have around its design since with With each new leak, information is confirmed that its design will change for the first time in a long time.. Keep in mind that the current iPhone 11 was not released with the iPhone X in 2017, but with the iPhone 6 in 2014.

We refer to those rounded edges and the general design of the terminal, as well as its sizes, which have not changed in just six years. So it's time to put the pick and shovel and Apple is going to put models on sale this year with a new design that will surely remind you of the premiere in 2010 with the legendary iPhone 4 antennagate.

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No LiDAR sensor

As we tell you, the images filtered in the last hours they come to corroborate everything that we have been telling you in the last months and there are hardly any changes: straight edges, classic button layout with volume and mute switch on the left side, and the on / off switch on the right hand side next to the SIM card cradle.

Right side of the new iPhone 12. "srcset =" https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Right side of the new iPhone 12. @SonnyDickson

Of course, what is a change is the absence of the LiDAR sensor installed by the new 2020 iPad Pro on its back, so not even the Pro Max model will have it. Remember that at the beginning the possibility that the new models had it was considered, but later that option was reduced to the most expensive. Be that as it may, and looking at the photographs, it is clear that there will be no improved AR on the phones of those from Cupertino this year.

Size comparison between iPhone 12. "srcset =" https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Size comparison between iPhone 12. @SonnyDickson

Another important detail is the camera. As you can see from the image you have just above, the three models have as many sensors, including the 6.1-inch screen model that in the past two years has been matched by the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. The first in 2018 had a single lens, while last year's grew to two. Now, and according to this leak, all the models are compared, although it is more than certain that in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro, its camera has some technological improvement over the cheapest smartphone.

Of course, it is confirmed again that we will have a fourth iPhone in the new range of 2020, as you can see in the image above, with a 5.4-inch device that would be the smallest of all. But even in that case, we would have three cameras like the 2019 Pro models. Maybe the leaker has figured out too much?

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