These are the new features that will come to Windows 11

these are the new features that will come to windows.png
these are the new features that will come to windows.png

Windows 11 logo

Since the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has been incorporating new options with the aim of improving the user experience. It has also allowed the deletion of some of the native applications of this version to save space on the hard drives of computers. But now, the North American company has gone one step further and is testing a series of functions that apply directly to the tool. Photos. Do you want to know what they are about?

Over time, a lot of controversy has arisen with the installation process of Windows 11 on the PC, since many computers that met the necessary requirements to update to the new version They were excluded along the way. And it is necessary to have the TPM 2.0 security chip, which is only integrated into desktop computers from 6 years ago. Also, since its launch, there have been some stabilization and optimization problems, which have been gradually fixed.

Now, Microsoft wants to modernize and improve the use of its applications so that they provide greater dynamism and are more productive when using them. In this context, the technology giant is carrying out some tests to implement different viewing and editing functions in the Photos app.

The new Photos features in Windows 11

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 11 update for the Photos app. It’s about the version 2023.11110.8002.0 or higher Of course, it is only available to those users who are registered in the program Windows Insidera platform open to everyone to test new features of Windows operating systems before they are officially launched on the market.

Remove and blur background

Among these functions for Photos, the possibility of remove background from a photo, turning it into a transparent image, although it can also be replaced with another more solid color. On the other hand, it has incorporated the background blur to add a professional touch to the snapshot automatically, just like you can do in other editing platforms such as Photoshop.

Windows 11 image without background photos application

Film strip filter

Therefore, you can add to the image a film strip filter (“filmstrip” in English), which can be enabled by simply pressing the F key on the keyboard or by clicking on the icon that represents this function.

Windows 11 filmstrip photos app


Microsoft is testing the timeline which is located on the right side of a photo album display. This option is based on the time period of collection of the photographs and classifies them chronologically.

Windows 11 timeline photos app


Last, but not least, a faster way to perform Backups of all our photos at the same time as sharing them more effectively via OneDrive. To do this, you can click on any image and select OneDrive – Share. Next, we can copy the image link to the clipboard and send it directly by email.

Windows 11 copy files app photos

In short, Microsoft intends to go one step further and increase the user experience of Windows 11 with greater satisfaction. If everything goes as planned, we will surely have this update available in the coming days.

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