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These are the new Communities that arrive on WhatsApp

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Gradually, WhatsApp is rolling out the activation of its recently announced Communities in different territories of the planet. They are not yet available in Spain but they will soon be incorporated through an update of the app, so it is the right time to get to know them and thus learn about their nature and operation, especially their differences with the Groups.

WhatsApp Communities are a new way of interacting in a community other than Groups

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp (and of Facebook and Instagram) announced the WhatsApp Communities last April and with them it is not intended to replace the Groups but expand the possibilities of these to generate more organized structures.

Thus, when in a more or less homogeneous social group (work, family, school…) different thematic Groups are generated, the Community would be the supergroup that would bring together all these specialized groups in the same place.

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Thus, a hypothetical Work Community within a company would be made up of groups like the following:




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-Holiday Shifts

-Car shifts to go to work


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and so on as needs arise. Each of these groups allows addressing specific activities or relationships but by belonging to the same unit there would be members of these different groups that would form part of the same Community and would be in one or more Groups.

Having a Community allows you to organize all these groups but also contributes to facilitate the centralized dissemination of information common to all groups integrated into the same structure. In addition, the creator of the Community could moderate the contents and send global messages through a specific group.

How to create a Community on WhatsApp

To create a Community from the app, both on iOS and Android, follow these steps:

-Get in in the new WhatsApp Communities tab.

-To choose “Create Community”.

-Key the name of the new Community along with its description, adding the profile picture.

-Press “Create Group” or “Add existing Group”. Only the administrator can do it and it is limited to 50 groups.

-Press “Create” (in iOS) or press the green confirmation signal (in Android).

Once these steps are completed, a new Community will appear in this section of the app. The administrator may appoint other administratorswho will have the same privileges and if there are several administrators, they will have their own internal group.

Finally, a peculiarity of the Communities is that the telephone numbers of their members will only be visible to administrators and the people with whom they share a Group, but not for the rest of the members of the Community with whom they do not share any Group.

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