These are the new and revolutionary LG OLED televisions that are already on sale in Spain

We attended the presentation event that LG has held in Madrid with the intention of showing its range of OLED televisions for 2023, a repertoire of models with which they surpass themselves again. For the brand it was crucial that this new wave of screens be spectacular, since they are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the imaging technology that they themselves championed in their day.

In the 10 years since LG introduced the first OLED TV to the market, we have come to see many screens benefiting from technology capable of delivering the purest black. During that time, what has also happened has been that LG has not stopped innovating and to work hard to improve their televisions. ADSLZone has been present at the presentation event, and what we have seen today is the result of that decade of continuous work that has been carried out. It is also an ideal demonstration of what we can find in stores, since these new televisions are already on sale.

cutting edge technology

The team that has been in charge of LG’s new OLED evo televisions It has taken into account that they not only had to make a leap in quality in technical terms, but also had to take care of other important features. The result is a series of screens that stand out for the way in which they combine both the latest technological advances and more modern designs and levels of durability that exceed expectations. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care to offer a wide series of size ranges so that there is no user who is left with the desire to get hold of one of these models. Thus, the new televisions, known with the Z3, G3, C3 and B3 ranges, have been launched with models ranging from 42 inches in the smallest to 97 in the largest. This opens up an important range of possibilities for those who are looking for the best OLED of the moment.

It should be noted, as we have seen in the presentation organized by LG, that an important qualitative leap has been made in terms of image capacity. Just as LG originally surprised with pure black, it now does so with brightness levels that surpass anything seen before on other TV models. That provides a viewing experience that brings greater realismdepth and an image processing system that constantly takes care of guaranteeing that all the films, series or documentaries that are reproduced do so with top quality.

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televisions with artificial intelligence

LG is once again a pioneer and what it does in this case is benefit from the use of artificial intelligence to ensure that its new televisions offer a surprising experience. The components of these screens have included advanced systems such as α9 AI Gen6 processor and self-luminous evo system, working as a team so that the image quality is more precise, of better color, and that it has a higher level of brightness. Various systems such as AI Picture Pro and OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro are concerned with improving image quality and bringing it to an extremely high level to show what other displays cannot.

The actions of the AI ​​and the way in which it adapts the display to the context and to the different elements that are on the screen, ensures that you always enjoy an experience of the highest level. This is also helped by HDR Expression Enhancer, whose objective is to highlight the most important elements that appear on the screen. In this way, television becomes a weighty ally so that you can better enjoy the reproduction of all types of content.

An improved interface

It was crucial that a TV range like this, which also features the latest Brightness Booster Max brightness technology, had an operating system to match. Therefore, LG has shaped webOS 2023, an improved version of your platform in which now the center of the user experience is focused on personalization. The goal is for the user to feel comfortable at all times, from the first time they turn on their new OLED evo television until they have become familiar with it and with the applications available to download on the LG Smart TV.

The way to increase this level of customization is through the presence of new Quick Cards, with which there is the opportunity to better organize content within the interface of user. Each of the Quick Card types encompasses a style of content, so that you can squeeze the full potential of television. And LG has not limited itself to the elements more typical of televisions, but you will be surprised to discover that there are Quick Cards dedicated to music, office automation, video games or sports. The moment you start using these shortcuts, you will enjoy a type of experience that until now was not common on televisions. It is something that, to us, has caused us a special interest in the presentation event.

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In addition, in webOS 2023 profiles are managed very easily and there is an efficient recommendation system that promises to share interesting discoveries. LG Channels is also still available, a platform that continues to increase its variety of content through further agreements. In this case, the introduction of DAZN FAST and DAZN Rise has been announced, as well as the production of content by Funke Digital.

Innovative designs

Each of the new ranges of LG OLED televisions has its own design peculiarities, so they come to cover different fronts in a very interesting way. For example, the G3 range provides a solution to one of the problems that users have encountered with other televisions: the hole in the wall when hanging them. Your design One Wall Design It is so efficient that there is no gap left when you have placed it. This makes it the ideal type of television for living rooms and rooms in which you want to maintain the highest possible level of elegance even with a touch of modernity.

Both the G3 and C3 ranges include another of LG’s advances: the Swivel Stand. This base allows you to easily rotate the screen to adapt the viewing to the needs of each moment. In addition, with the C3 range, a support has also been incorporated to match the SC9S sound bar, which becomes your best ally thanks to the use of WOWCAST wireless connection technology.

In addition to this, all the 2023 ranges are ready to use LG ThinQ and Smart Home Matter technology so that the screen is positioned as your best operations center for the other smart elements in the home. They are also ready to take advantage of the HDMI 2.1 connection and are Quick Media Switching Variable Refresh Rate certified.

Gaming Ready

When one of these televisions is purchased, in many cases it is thinking about gaming. LG shows that it knows the market well and has prepared all its new models so that they perform at the highest level with gaming experiences. The input lag is very low, response time is only 0.1 milliseconds and the HDMI 2.1 connections that we talked about in the previous section guarantee rates of 48 Gbps.

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How could it be otherwise, these OLEDs are prepared with game optimization technological resources, from Game Optimizer with its own default settings to play without wasting time, to G-SYNC or FreeSync Premium, among other systems. In case you want to make more adjustments and enjoy a more personalized experience, all you have to do is open the Game Dashboard menu and analyze how each game in question is being played.

A bet for the future

Before starting the event, we already imagined that LG had something special on its hands. 10 years have passed since they hit the market with those first OLEDs that we all remember and that contributed an important grain of sand in the television market. Now they’re doing it again thanks to new technology, more efficiency, brightness that exceeds expectations and, not least, 4K and 8K consumption optimization that helps keep the company among the top players when it comes to be respectful of the environment.

Also, all new televisions are screens that are built to last. In order to be able to accompany users for a long period of time, several specialized resources are included, such as the OLED Care Program or an effective memory optimizer. With this type of characteristics and the good performance that the new models have shown in the presentation event, we are clear that LG has done justice to the tenth anniversary of its televisions.