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These are the latest AI-powered innovations from OpenAI on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, Microsoft’s professional social network, is expanding its AI-powered features, bringing OpenAI technology to both the new custom writing suggestions feature for the About and Headline sections, geared toward Premium subscribers, and to the new vacancy description tool, which will make it easier for companies to generate the description of the vacancies to be filled.

Regarding the new feature of personalized writing suggestions, which is now starting to be available in testing phase for a few Premium subscribers with the aim of reaching all subscribers Premium Over the next few months, your mission is to analyze the skills and experiences of user profiles to suggest summaries for the About and Headline sections.

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The network company recommends that once the suggestion is offered, before updating the profiles, users do a prior review and modify what they consider necessary “to ensure that it is accurate and aligns with their tone and experience.”

To generate job descriptions quickly and agilely

And with regard to the new vacancy description tool, the idea is that companies have it easier and faster when describing the positions to be filled, thus speeding up the hiring process.

For this, it will be enough for companies to provide information about the position, including the title and the name of the company, so that the tool generates the necessary description that it will later include in the offer of vacancies to be filled.

Of course, those responsible for the companies will be able to edit the descriptions as long as they become as perfect and precise as possible to make them available to potential candidates.

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These novelties are added to others driven by Artificial Intelligence announced very recently, as is the case of collaborative articles. What is clear is that Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present, even in recruitment processes, LinkedIn itself being an example of this when choosing candidates to fill their vacancies.

Courses to be up to date in AI

LinkedIn further notes that it will offer more than 100 new courses to train the latest AI skills, from basic concepts to advanced AI applications, enabling LinkedIn members to gain competitive advantages in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

From LinkedIn they also promise that:

we will follow this set of Responsible AI Principles to ensure we create equitable outcomes for every member of the workforce, with equal and fair treatment at the center, and ensure AI is used in ways that have a positive impact, on lives professionalism of our members and clients.

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More information: LinkedIn

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