These are the four new features that WhatsApp has just added

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A user holds his mobile phone with the WhatsApp application while it charges

Mark Zuckerberg himself has been the one announced on his WhatsApp channel the latest news that users of the application around the world have already received. Thanks to this, a response is received to one of the requests that had been accumulated for the longest time.

Since the founder of Facebook and head of Meta announced a few hours ago the availability of new text formats, WhatsApp users have been a little happier. Because it must be recognized that we had been waiting for a long time that something as seemingly simple as the opportunity to make bullet points be enabled.

Four new options now available

WhatsApp wants users to have more possibilities at your disposal and write your messages more easily. You are also interested in making it easier to have conversations organized and for everything to look good.

Official image of the new WhatsApp text formats

For it They implement four new features: bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quote and aligned code. Each of them is generated with the use of symbols as we are going to explain to you in the next few lines. You’ll see how you get used to it in a matter of seconds, given that WhatsApp has opted for a fairly natural and intuitive method of use.

How to use them?

Of the four new features, the bulleted list is probably the one you use the most. Because we were already tired of making lists that They were visually a bit simple. For times when you have to, for example, tell someone what to buy at the supermarket, it is ideal. Of course, you’re sure to find many other uses for it.

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The way to use it is as simple as putting the “-” symbol and a space before writing. By doing so, the point in the list will appear automatically and then you will only have to press Enter to make a line break and the second point in the list is generated. When you have finished, send the message by clicking on the usual send symbol.

New WhatsApp formats added for conversations

As a second new format, numbered lists stand out, which follow the same policy and are also ideal in many cases. If you are giving instructions to someone how to do something, It will be the best WhatsApp format which you can opt for. The way to use it is by writing the first number followed by a period, a space and the text you are going to enter. That is, for example: “1. Potatoes” then press Enter and the next number will automatically appear with the dot already placed, so everything will be very fast.

The third novelty is the block quote, which may seem less useful to you, but you can get a lot of use out of it depending on the moment. The symbol you have to use is “>” and then put a space. It’s more complicated because you do not have this symbol on the main keyboard, but you must click on the “123” option and then “#+=” for it to appear. However, it’s all a matter of getting used to it.

When you put the block quote symbol you will see that line automatically appears on the left side that is used in newspapers and websites. It can be good for you if you want it to be part of a text be clear that this is a date or to highlight it in a special way, since the color of the letter will also change slightly.

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Testing the new text formats available on WhatsApp

Finally, the aligned code will be what you use the least in your daily life, but we must not rule out that it may sometimes come in handy to highlight some of the information you write in a chat. Programmers who work with code may benefit the most from it. As It is not a format that you use very frequently, you shouldn’t be worried that the symbol used to activate it is “`”, although it must be admitted that it is a bit far-fetched. In any case, you should use the symbol to enclose the text you are going to highlight, pointing it in the same direction both in front and behind. The visual way to do it is like this: “`test`”.

All these news are available in all versions of the app, both in the web edition and in mobile applications. They are added to other formats that were already available previously, such as the classic bold or strikethrough.