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These are the different kinds of eBikes, electric bicycles for all tastes

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Currently many of the companies dedicated to the production of means of transport are moving to the electric side.

One of the first to do so was the bicycle sector, which has been experiencing notable growth for a long time thanks to the features they offer in their electric version (ebikes) and the interesting aesthetics they present.

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the ebikes make urban commuting a more pleasant experience and without having to work very hard to reach your destination. We discussed it a few days ago with the new Cyrusher XF690, but it is just one example of many out there.

Likewise, it is necessary to clarify that within the ebike sector, in countries such as the United States, there are classifications that allow establish a differentiation of the capacities that they possess.

Although this can be interpreted as a grouping by size or volume, the truth is that these classifications obey criteria such as the top speed they offer, as well as whether or not they come equipped with throttles.

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Added to this, the classifications of ebikes must be subject to regulations of the state or jurisdiction where they are used.

That said, let’s move on to see the classifications of ebikes as established by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

Class 1 electric bike

This type of electric bicycles includes those models that they don’t have a throttle and offer a 20 MPH maximum travel speed. In the motor section it is established that for class 1 ebikes this must be less than 750W.

Class 2 electric bike

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Within this type of electric bicycles are grouped those models that they have a throttle and offer a 20 MPH maximum travel speed.

As soon as the electric bike exceeds this speed, the electric motor can no longer send energy to drive the ebike.

Class 3 electric bike

For this type of electric bicycles, the California DMV establishes that its maximum speed is 28 MPH (45 km/h) via pedal assistmore than the 25 km/h that are limited in Europe.

So class 3 ebikes will not be able to exceed this speed while being assisted by the motor.

In addition, within this classification, ebikes should have a speedometer. However, unlike the previous classifications and according to the regulations set by the California DMV, class 3 electric bicycles should not have an accelerator.

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