These are the best apps and games for Android of 2023 that you should download to your mobile, according to Google

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Google has announced the annual awards for the best apps and games launched on Google Play in 2023.

The last month of the year is approaching, and with it, the reviews of what happened in 2023; It is a good time to look back at everything that happened in the year, and technology companies love to review the launches and achievements obtained in the last twelve months. Today we had Spotify Wrapped 2023, and now it’s Google’s turn.

As it did in previous years, today Google has presented its annual awards for the best of the year launched on Google Play; This is the platform that comes preinstalled by default on the vast majority of Android phones sold in Spain, so it is important.

As expected, among the winners we find very popular apps, some of the most downloaded from Google Play in recent months; although even the most enthusiastic users may find some surprises.

The best apps for Android of 2023

In fact, the best app for Android according to Google It may be completely unknown to most Spanish users. This is Imprint: Learn Visually, an educational app that aims to revolutionize the way we learn more about the world around us; Its greatest asset is lessons of two minutes or less on topics such as psychology, technology or finance.

On the other hand the best Android game of 2023 may be more recognizable: Honkai: Star Rail. It is the latest title, for now, developed by miHoYo, creators of one of the most popular mobile games on the planet, Genshin Impact. So expectations were very high, but everything indicates that they have managed to meet them thanks to spectacular graphics and a great story with a multitude of ‘anime’ style characters.

Honkai: Star Rail on a OnePlus mobile

In addition to Google’s awards, the company has also published awards chosen by users. And it shouldn’t be surprising that The best app of 2023 according to users is ChatGPT, despite the fact that the official app of the service based on Artificial Intelligence was not released for everyone until recently. But 2023 has been the year in which the average user has discovered the potential of AI thanks to ChatGPT, so it is logical that this app has won. Interestingly, Google doesn’t think the ChatGPT app is that good, as it only received an “honorable mention” in the best AI app category, which Character AI: AI-Powered Chat ultimately won.

Besides, The best game of the year according to users is Monopoly Go!, the latest version of the famous board game adapted to mobile phones. This is one of those games that is best enjoyed with friends and family, so it is not surprising that this version with online multiplayer has been so successful.

One of the award categories that Google has encouraged the most is the l category.for best “multi-device” app; That is, an app that is essential both on our mobile phone and on our PC, tablet and smart TV. On this occasion, the Spotify app has been the winner for its remote control functions and the possibility of continuing listening between different devices, while the game OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime has won for being adapted to computers and folding mobile phones.

Other notable winners are Paw Patrol Academy as best app for families, the official Max app as best app for Google TV, the Amazon Prime Video app as best app for cars, and WhatsApp as the best app for watches.

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