These are the 8 strangest things that were observed during the total solar eclipse

these are the 8 strangest things that were observed during the total solar eclipse
these are the 8 strangest things that were observed during the total solar eclipse

As you probably already know, a few weeks ago there was the total solar eclipse on April 8 that shocked the entire world. But did you know that beyond the eclipse itself, things happened that we didn’t know about? Now scientists and experts are beginning to comment on them and some of them are really picturesque, as we are going to tell you in the following lines.

How did you enjoy the total solar eclipse? In Spain you already know that we did not have as clear a point of view as in the United States, Mexico or Canada, but we were also able to enjoy the moment thanks to online broadcasts . It was something shocking! Although, as we said, things happened that, at that time, only astronomers and specialists were able to see.

A comet is discovered and… ends up destroyed

This was one of the craziest things about the eclipse. Just a few hours before, an amateur astronomer had discovered a comet. The news quickly reached specialists and became a topic of observation due to the strangeness of the moment . Named SOHO-5008, the main incentive for this comet was to be able to see it during the eclipse. Unexpectedly, the comet would steal some of the limelight from the solar eclipse itself.

So it was. During the eclipse there were many people who looked for SOHO-5008 and were even able to take photos of it. It could not be seen simply with the eye, but it could be seen with the use of the corresponding equipment. The most curious thing, however, came hours after the eclipse ended. The comet, which was detected as a heliorasante type, ended up getting so close to the Sun that it was destroyed . It ceased to exist, but it had that moment of glory that astronomy will remember.

We saw the planets

Can you imagine it being possible to see planets in plain sight during the day? Sounds good! It is usually reserved for the night , and it is not exactly easy either. But during the eclipse, the close presence of Venus and Jupiter with respect to the Sun made it possible to see them. The bad news is that it did not happen simultaneously around the world, since in some places clouds blocked the view. However, there are people who admitted to having enjoyed that experience.

The Baily Pearls phenomenon

This was one of the phenomena that was most seen during the solar eclipse, although it was not unexpected given that it is something that has already been studied (and discovered since 1836). It is called Baily Pearls and is a phenomenon by which points of light appear around the Moon . The reason for this is found in the effect produced by the light emitted by the Sun as it passes through the mountains of the Moon, generating those characteristic pearls that can be seen both before and after the eclipse.

Although the pearls were easier to see, the diamond ring phenomenon also occurred , characterized by a strong light that had previously been seen in 2017. Its beauty, if seen at full power, is truly high. as you can see in the photograph included at the head of this article. The image was captured in the previous eclipse by the European Space Agency and is a great example of the beauty that the universe hides.

Reddish plasma

Of course, there was something that most people who enjoyed the total solar eclipse saw. These were the columns of reddish plasma that appeared on the Sun’s disk at the time it had darkened. At first, the conclusion that most people came to is that solar flares were occurring on the Sun. Later astronomers explained that they were “just” solar prominences. And we put the quotes because these prominences are explosions that are gigantic in size, larger than our planet.

When the plasma goes outwards, it remains fixed to the Sun for weeks and, although it does not normally create an opportunity to see it, with the eclipse everything was different.

Humanity disconnected from the Internet

A total solar eclipse had to occur so that, once and for all, we put down our cell phone or computer and focused on other things. During the time the phenomenon lasted, the volume of Internet use fell by 60% in regions such as Vermont, in the United States. In other areas the drop was smaller, but it was also recorded significantly.

People preferred to look at the sky and enjoy a moment that will not be repeated for a long time. Of course, behavior change returned to normal once the eclipse was over and we began to remember that social media, among other things, was waiting for us.

Other strange phenomena

Other effects of the eclipse that were detected included the sudden change in temperature due to the absence of the Sun’s rays or the disappearance of clouds , the latter being something that caught the attention of those who witnessed it.

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