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These are the 3 best move-to-earn cryptos set to pump before 2024

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People around the world are focusing on being healthy at rates not seen in quite some time. This is a great thing, as healthier people create healthier lives for those around them, and a better overall world to live in.

With fitness and health in general becoming easier to do and more accessible by the day, it’s no surprise that the genre is making its way into cryptocurrency as well. The latest development in this regard is what’s known as move-to-earn and web3 model in which users are rewarded for participating in sports and fitness-related activities. 

Now, people can earn real money for exercising, such as running, jogging and walking, all while exploring virtual worlds, progressing through different levels and winning battles against others. 

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Below, we dive into three of the best move-to-earn cryptos set to pump before 2024, led by FightOut (FGHT), the best new crypto project in this category.


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3 Best move-to-earn Cryptos Set to Pump Before 2024 – Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of the 3 best move-to-earn cryptos set to pump before 2024:

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  • FightOut — Gamifying the fitness lifestyle
  • STEPN — Move and earn with NFT sneakers
  • Genopets — An experience like Pokemon Go

1. FightOut — Gamifying the Fitness Lifestyle

FightOut (FGHT) is a new M2E fitness app and gym chain that truly believes that everyone should be able to life a healthy and active lifestyle. To this end, they should have workouts that are personalized to their own goals, needs and abilities. Doing so shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, and people should be rewarded for the efforts that they put in, as well as the progress they make and the value that living this lifestyle brings to the greater society.

Through FGHT, users can get a gamified fitness lifestyle experience. They’ll be rewarded for completing various challenges and workouts, earning badges along the way and growing their community. One of the ways in which FightOut differs from other gamify experiences is that as people progress through their journey, their soulbound avatar will develop directly as well. 

People can enter the metaverse with this avatar, putting their physicality to the test with other members of the FightOut community. The technology that backs FGHT is user-friendly. The digital avatars have substantial Web3 utility. In essence, the platform is a bridge between Web2 and Web3. 

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At the heart of the crypto project is the $FGHT native token. There will be easy onramps, and users will be conditioned to pay with the native token over fiat currency in the app, which will lead to mass adoption and soar the value of the token in time.

FightOut is catered to each individual, allowing them to follow their own personal fitness journey while they reach their personal fitness and health goals. It’s why this new M2E crypto project is the best that’s set to pump before 2024.

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2. STEPN — Move and Earn with NFT Sneakers

STEPN is perhaps the most well-known M2E crypto project in the world. Through it, users will be rewarded every time they complete a new workout. Doing so will allow them to earn Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) within the app every time they do things such as walk, run, cycle and more activities. The more that users move, the more opportunities they’ll have to earn GST tokens.

The GST tokens do have some utility, too, as they can be used to purchase an avatar, and upgrade the avatars directly through the app. The tokens can even be exchanged for other crypto coins, and people can invest in them as well. 

To start earning the rewards on STEPN, users need to be an NFT sneaker. This will ultimately determine how much you’re able to earn through the app. You can upgrade your sneakers at any time, and exchange the NFT sneakers so that you’re able to go to new heights. The higher level of sneakers allow you to earn the most amount of tokens.


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3. Genopets — An Experience Like Pokemon Go

Those who love Pokemon Go will likely be a fan of Genopets as well. Through this crypto project, users help their digital pet grow and take care of them simply by moving around. The more movements you do, the stronger that your pet will become. Depending on how many daily tasks you’re able to complete, you will earn various rewards.

One of the interesting aspects of this M2E project is that you don’t have to pony up an investment to get in. You can simply start moving and start earning rewards. You’re able to customize the Genopet NFT based on your liking, and then accumulate experienced based on the number of steps you take every day.

There are two tokens to the platform. GENE is used for governance and KL is the rewards token. But, remember, you can start to participate for free, and then mint NFTs so you can sell a large selection of NFTs in-game, including habitats and even crystals.


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FightOut Leads the Way for Best move-to-earn Cryptos

The three M2E crypto projects listed above are among the best that are set to pump before 2024. They provide great opportunities for people to up their fitness and health game, while getting rewarded in impressive ways while they do so. There’s nothing quite like being incentivized to be healthier, and this is why M2E projects in general are the next great thing that are hitting the market.

That being said, FightOut is by far the best project in the entire category. There are a wealth of reasons why this is the case, including the fact that the workouts are personalized to each individual user, giving people more incentive to continue participating.

Get in on this new M2E crypto project now while it’s still in the early stages. FGHT is in presale now, so don’t miss out on the great low price.

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