These are 5 features of iOS 17 that Android is missing

estas son 5 funciones de ios 17 que le hacen falta a android.jpg
estas son 5 funciones de ios 17 que le hacen falta a android.jpg

In the eternal battle between Android and iOS, both operating systems have been evolving and improving with each new version. However, there are times when iOS stands out and introduces innovative features that leave Android users wishing they had them.

For this reason, we have decided to bring this article where we will explore Five Exclusive iOS 17 Features That Android Doesn’t Have Yet. From user interface enhancements to advanced security features, these features make iOS users feel like they’re on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

Live stickers for messages

One of the most fun and expressive features of iOS 17 is the addition of live stickers for messages. These animated stickers allow users to communicate in a more dynamic and creative way. Android, on the other hand, has not yet implemented this feature in its operating system..

iOS 17 live stickers offer a wide variety of options, plus they can be sent to all your contacts via iMessage (Apple’s messaging app), either as an individual message or attached to the message itself, allowing users to add a unique and fun touch to their conversations. This distinctive feature of iOS 17 really elevates the messaging experience compared to Android.

Share passwords securely

Security is a constant concern in the digital age, and iOS 17 makes sure to address this issue by offering a secure password sharing feature. iPhone users can quickly and easily share passwords with other nearby Apple deviceswithout the need to reveal the actual passwords.

This function uses technology end-to-end encryption to ensure shared passwords are protected and accessible only to authorized devices. Android, unfortunately, hasn’t yet implemented this feature into its operating system, leaving its users with fewer options for secure and convenient password sharing (through third-party apps like LastPass or Bitwarden).

Personalized posters for contacts

Do you want to add a special touch to your contacts? With iOS 17, you can with custom posters. Now, you can assign a unique image or icon to each of your contacts, making it easy to quickly and visually identify your friendsrelatives or co-workers when receiving a call.

Whether it’s a photo of a memorable meeting or a custom icon that represents your personality, custom posters make your contact list more attractive and easy to use.

Share files

With this feature, you can easily and quickly share files with other iOS users. Whether you want to share photos, documents or videos, iOS 17 gives you a smoother and more secure way to transfer files.

Plus, you now have more customization options to decide how you want to share your files, thanks to improvements to AirDrop. It is an improved file sharing experience than Android, despite having Nearby Share, it has yet to fully match.

customizable lock screen

Have you ever wanted to customize your lock screen on Android? iOS 17 makes this dream possible by introducing a fully customizable lock screen. Now you can choose from a wide range of widgets, wallpapers and notifications to design a lock screen experience that suits your personal style and needs.

From showing your upcoming events on the calendar until you have quick access to your favorite applicationsthe customizable lock screen of iOS 17 improves the efficiency and aesthetics of your device.

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