These are 3 completely false Amazon Alexa myths

It is clear to us that Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, continues to accumulate more and more ground in the current market with each passing day. However, there are hundreds of thousands of users those who still do not know what the assistant is aboutnot to mention those who directly distrust it.

In fact, it is the very advance of technology in recent times that makes that a huge number of users are reluctant to trust these virtual assistantssince we are talking about things like controlling lights, security cameras, televisions, appliances and much more, all from the same device.

Having said this and knowing that there are many myths and stories that people here and there usually tell, on this occasion We will be talking about 3 myths that are completely false about Amazon Alexa and that are usually on the lips of many despite not being true, so let’s go for it.

It is a system vulnerable to hackers

The reality is that all smart electronic devices that work with operating systems, without exception, are prone to vulnerabilities or hacks. So, speaking of virtual assistants, these will not turn out to be less vulnerable than a mobile or a computer.

In any case, to be able to access a device or even Alexa, the work must be done by an experienced hacker who knows the area, so for the reason explained, this security issue It should not be reviewed with a magnifying glass, since it can occur on any device.

Alexa is always recording, even without user permission

This recording may be one of the issues that makes people most wary of these virtual assistants, but nothing is further from the truth. Absolutely, Alexa does not record anything that users do not want it to record, that is, that it is not always recording nor does it do so without your respective permission.

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Taking into account that Alexa only records on those devices that you have linked with the assistant (receiving your permission to do so, of course), you can verify the voice history in the assistant settings and there you will find everything that the assistant recorded.

Alexa only shows ads from Amazon

Another great Alexa myth, closely tied to the above which says that the assistant listens to everything from the usersit turns out that it only shows Amazon ads and advertising to users based on what they can talk about or comment on in private.

This is something that turns out to be completely false, since although Alexa can show one or another Amazon ad, it will mainly show you the same old ads that you can find there anywhere on the internet.