These 50 euro headphones are a master purchase for Christmas: we tested the Buds Pro from CMF by Nothing


Buds Pro CMF by Nothing

The British company brings to Spain its new proposal of high-performance devices with careful design at an affordable price.

Wireless headphones are one of the most coveted Christmas gifts. They are highly sought after, useful and easy to give as gifts, but the most difficult thing is usually finding a good, pretty and cheap model. Now CMF, the sub-brand of Nothing, has just launched in Spain the Buds Pro, some ambitious wireless headphones that are going to be the great master purchase of these Christmas dates.

Although the big claim is the price (49 euros), the truth is that Nothing has achieved with these headphones something that is unusual in this price range: a careful product, with a design with personality, good finishes, high sound quality and good noise cancellation. A unique combo with which they have all the wickers to become the star gift to put in the Three Kings letter.

Although they have just gone on sale, at EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have already been able to try them and we will tell you first-hand if they are really worth it or whether it is advisable to jump to one of the alternatives on the market, and that even the British company itself offers.

A unique design

Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing, explained in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL – Omicrono that design was one of the company’s cornerstones, something they were not going to give up and that served to instantly identify their products. If devices like the Nothing Phone (2) or the Ear (2) have their hallmark is their transparent termination; This time we have an ending in high quality plastic very pleasant in the hand, as well as a circular case that is immediately recognizable.

Despite their low price, they feel very good, the detail is excellent and the feeling of use is that they are more expensive than they really cost. It is not far behind the Ear (2) or the Ear (stick) in manufacturing quality, although Yes, it is easy to see which are the premium models and which one is the entry range.

CMF by Nothing Buds Pro

The circular case features the CMF logo by Nothing printed on the top, a small LED light on the front that serves to indicate the battery status and when they are pairing, while on the back it has the USB-C charging input. This attention to detail is also palpable in the packaging itself, which is surprising and far from any alternative on the market.

Beyond the case, the headphones themselves convey the same feeling of High design at an affordable price. They are well finished, comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, attention to detail. They have a finish, comfort and user experience that would be typical of more expensive headphones. Here Nothing demonstrates its good work and how it is able to carry out its philosophy that technology has to have a reason and each functionality and design has a reason.

From left to right: Buds Pro, Ear (stick), Ear (2)

The way to interact with them is through a touch panel on the outside of each headset that, with several touches, we can control music playback, calls or switch between the different noise cancellation or transparency modes.

High quality sound

But the million dollar question, with headphones considerably cheaper than other alternatives on the market such as the AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM5, the question is obvious: how do they sound? Well, the truth is that Nothing, despite not being a company specialized in sound, has managed to measure the sector very well and has launched headphones with excellent quality in an extremely competitive price range.

CMF by Nothing Buds Pro

They achieve it thanks to a 10mm dynamic diaphragm Custom designed and manufactured with liquid polymer glass and polyurethane, an elastic material that, together with a large air outlet, facilitates the flow of sound, achieving more faithful reproduction with intense bass, precise mids and clear highs. The construction is combined with proprietary technology that enhances bass in real time to improve it on the spot. Additionally, through the Nothing

This precise and detailed sound is accompanied by two fundamental functions in wireless headphones: noise cancellation and how they handle phone calls.

Buds Pro and the Nothing X app

On the one hand, it has up to 45 dB active cancellation capturing and filtering a wide range of sound frequencies up to 5000 Hz. They are capable of eliminating a wide variety of background noises on a daily basis, allowing the user to isolate themselves from the world and focus solely on the music. They are not the most advanced on the market, with alternatives like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II leading this functionality, but they cost 6 times less, so the CMF Buds Pro have excellent performance for what they cost. They are fantastic in this regard.

The insulation system achieves this by combining a good sealing system in the ear, with several sets of pads to better adapt to the ear canal, six high-definition microphones, software algorithms to counteract outside sound. In addition, it has another wind noise reduction algorithm, which is combined with two openings optimally located at the top of each earphone so that the wind passes through, seeking minimal sound interference.

CMF by Nothing Buds Pro

This optimization in the sound of the wind not only affects music, but also calls. Where they also include another algorithm, called Clear Voicewhich reduces background noise and prioritizes voice for clarity during conference calls.

Regarding the battery, the Buds Pro perform with flying colors. The total autonomy reaches 39 hours of use with the full charging cycle, above equivalent competitors such as the OnePlus Nord Buds 2, the Realme Buds Air 3 or the Oppo Enco Air 3 Pro. Likewise, with a single charge The headphones last around 11 hours of use, also a very high performance designed to go beyond long working hours.

Should I buy them?

The Buds Pro from CMF by Nothing They are one of the most interesting proposals that can be bought on the market, a master purchase to give (or give yourself) this Christmas if what you are looking for are good, pretty and cheap headphones. The company has managed not only to bring high-quality features at an affordable price, but also manages not to cannibalize the premium product it offers with its main brand.

The great point in favor of the Buds Pro compared to the Ear (stick) is its cushion and noise cancellation, two of the most sought-after features among those who want to buy headphones. On the other hand, the main difference compared to the Ear (2) is its price. They are cheaper and slightly with worse sound quality, but if you are looking cheap headphones that sound good, the Buds Pro are your choice.

CMF by Nothing Buds Pro

In short, due to sound quality, noise cancellation, design and user experience, we would not think that we are looking at headphones that do not reach 50 euros. And the price is the icing on the cake for this excellent product: 49 euros that will delight those who want to get on. a very good sound experience without investing too much.

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