There is no going back: Netflix will ban account sharing worldwide very soon

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Today we have woken up with excellent news: Netflix’s basic plan will offer 1080p resolution in Spain. In this way, the streaming platform takes a step back after the launch of this new rate with ads, and which offered 720p quality which, today, is almost an insult for the client who wants to enjoy the available content. on a television. And the truth is that many of us have understood this movement as Netflix listening to users and, given the loss of casualties it has been suffering since it announced the ban on sharing accounts, it was going to take action. Obviously, the first move has been to offer 1080p or Full HD resolution to the ad-supported plan, which currently offers 720p or HD resolution. And the next step would have been an account sharing ban: nothing could be further from the truth. Mainly because Netflix intends to apply its ban in the United States, its main market. With this movement, he will hit the table making it clear that there is no turning back on this issue. Although we will see if in the coming months they change their minds. Netflix account sharing has its days numbered As detailed from 9to5Mac, Netflix’s password sharing ban is about to hit the United States and other countries. In a report published by Netflix itself to its shareholders, they have made it clear that they are going to continue with their plan. You may be wondering why you can still share an account on Netflix. And the reason is as simple as that the platform, for the moment, has not applied its most radical measures. But sooner rather than later they will arrive. Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain have been the first countries in which this measure is being applied, and there are already users seeing the “Netflix death message” and where they ask for an SMS code to confirm that it is you. For a specific moment, it’s okay, but you can’t constantly ask your friend for the code. Apparently, Netflix is ​​very happy with its results, and it is not applying them 100%, so when it starts to tighten the screws on its system and really prevents account sharing without going through the checkout, we will see if the company continues to grow as stated in its shareholder report. As indicated in the publication in a note to shareholders, Netflix said it was “satisfied with the results” of its measures to prevent users from sharing passwords so far. In Canada, Netflix says that its “user base is now bigger than it was before this ban was launched.” So, it’s clear that Netflix will stick with its goal, so forget about account sharing without paying for it. >

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