There is finally a date for the arrival of the Google Pixel Tablet, this is what it will offer

There is finally a date for the arrival of the Google Pixel Tablet, this is what it will offer

He Pixel Tablet Google is definitely just around the corner. Everything points to the fact that, finally, at the next Google I/O, which will take place on May 10, both its price and the date of sale will be known and, of course, everything that has to do with its products. characteristics. The fact is that after many delays compared to what was thought, the device from the Mountain View company it will be a reality.

According to information that has been published, Google has decided that it will be next June when this tablet will be put on sale (it is even indicated that this will happen the first week). Regarding the price, at the moment there is no data, but everything indicates that it will not be very cheap. In addition, it is confirmed that the idea that the firm has is to achieve with this product a different experience and promising, something that has a lot to do with the accessories that you will be able to use.

The name that Google has given to the experience

This is none other than SmartDisplay, and aims to turn the tablet into a smart screen through the use of accessories -and using a different user interface-. To achieve this, there will be a compatible charging base with the Pixel Tablet that will make it possible to change from one to another format of use (by the way, some data that is available indicates that the tablet may not include a USB cable in the box for this reason).

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Google Pixel Tablet Screen

So it seems pretty clear that the Pixel Tablet It will be a different Android tablet, more than it will merge a Google Nest Hub with what a device of this type offers (such as the Galaxy Tab) in a single product. Ideal, consequently, to use at home.

Safe options on the Pixel Tablet

The published data reconfirms that the device will have a Tensor G2 processor -the same one that includes the Pixel 7 range-. This will be combined with 8GB RAMwhich in principle guarantees good power… but in memory a little more was expected, it must be said.

Google Pixel Tablet in one that with its base

The Pixel Tablet will be a device with a good designas it makes clear that its aluminum finish combined with ceramic (which can make its texture unique. Being a good alternative to laptops, the approach of specific use for the home It will make this tablet a different and unique device… at least on paper. The key to your bet will be in your charging base, and it will be necessary to see how it fits in the market.