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There is already a name for the paid version of WhatsApp, what will it be and what will it offer?

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Currently, there is a time when the options offered by the messaging application WhatsApp is taking important steps to be much more complete and, all of this, with the clear objective of being more profitable. An example is the possibility of sharing larger files that make it a better professional solution and, now, the name of the paid version that is being worked on has been known.

The truth is that the company has not eaten much head, since the chosen name will be whatsapppremium. Quite predictable, it must be said, but at the same time very recognizable. In this way, it is increasingly clear that in a short time it will be possible to hire this service for a price that, right now, is unknown. Of course, what seems quite clear is that the objective is that this new possibility is designed by and for companies.

What WhatsApp Premium will offer

It must be said that what has been known to date makes this new version make sense, because its new options do clearly differentiate it from the Business option that currently exists and that has not had a great impact on companies, everything must be said. An example of what we say is that, in addition to what the business option already offers, you can add a custom link to access the company page. Ideal for supplying people you want to contact.

WhatsApp Premium interface

But the extra possibilities that those who get a WhatsApp Premium account will have do not end here. An example is that it will be possible connect synchronously until ten devices. In this way, work groups can be managed with the aim of being much more efficient. It will even be possible to specify a specific name for each associated terminal, so that everyone will know who is speaking in the conversations.

Obviously, this is what is known at the moment, which does not rule out the inclusion of some new functions that make the quota established for the new version of the messaging application that will arrive more attractive.

Any date for arrival?

Well, the truth is that at the moment there is no date regarding the arrival of WhatsApp Premium, but in principle it should not go much further than the end of summer because it has been seen from the user interface in some screenshots since definitely has a name from what is known of its existence. And, always, if it is clear that the use that will be given to the application will be oriented to the dealno personal options so as not to have users from different categories.

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