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There are no miracles: the 3 things that do work to bring WiFi throughout the house

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That the WiFi signal reaches all parts of the house is not something that we always achieve and the coverage will depend on many factors. There are a number of tips that we can take into account so that the WiFi reaches the whole house.

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A good router placed in a central place in your home It is usually enough for coverage to reach all rooms, the entire house. It is advisable that the router is placed in the most central part of the house, but this is not always possible or not always enough, so there are other things or tricks that will work for you if what you want is to connect to the WiFi throughout the House.

Mesh network or WiFi Mesh

One of the best ways to get coverage to any point in the house is to use a mesh network or WiFi Mesh. A WiFi Mesh network or mesh network It is a network in which there is a router as a base station and several access points that are known as nodes or satellites. It may seem similar to a system with conventional repeaters, but the difference is that here the network nodes are connected to each other and not only connected to the router, so we get better coverage and better network management throughout the house.

The system consists of making the most of the nodes, these being the ones in charge of distributing the signal throughout the house without us doing anything. Automatically, we connect to the node that offers us the best connection. If one is down or saturated, the network itself automatically diverts the traffic to another.

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mesh wifi router

an amplifier

The second trick or tip is the most common and basic: use an amplifier or repeater. It is a device that the company itself can provide you and that the technician can install for you if you contact the operator because you do not have a good signal in a room or because the Internet is not working as it should… But we can also buy it and install it ourselves and it is not complicated to do so .

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A WiFi repeater is a device that we will connect to a plug in the house, configure it and will take care of improving and expanding the range of the Internet connection. It connects to the main router wirelessly and extends the signal. They are generally easy to configure and a button will suffice to do so.

WIFI amplifier


The third of the tricks or tips that will help us improve WiFi is use a PLC that will make us have wireless coverage in any room where there isn’t. How? Through the network and installation of the house, through the power line. The PLC uses the electrical installation of our house to extend the reach of the network with different devices that we connect to the sockets of our house.

In the included pack there will be two devices that we will connect to two different plugs in the house and they will be in charge of sending the data from one to the other using the electrical network. One is able to “catch” the WiFi signal and take it to the electrical network. From it, it sends the signal to the other device using the cables of the installation and the second PLC is in charge of emitting the signal where it is plugged in.

Wi-Fi repeaters DLink PLC

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