The YouTube Music application will reach more devices, and it is good news

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1686218471 595145 1686218586 rrss normal.jpg

It has been known for some time that Google is working so that YouTube Music is natively present in the HomePods (along with Siri, of course), which means that you can tell Siri to play songs directly from the music service. streaming. By the looks of it, Apple speakers won’t be the only devices getting support for this service, and that’s great news. As reported by our colleagues at 9to5Google, YouTube Music will soon be available on more computers, according to an unidentified source familiar with the entire development. For example, from this it is stated that Google plans to launch a new YouTube Music app specifically for Apple TV. At the moment, there is no information on whether Google has plans to launch a separate YouTube application on the Android TV operating system, but the truth is that it would be excellent news for those who have a TV of this type, to access the music from the platform in a much more precise and comfortable way. Another of the options that seems clear From the same source of information also states that there will be a dedicated YouTube Music application for Garmin smartwatches. Right now, wearers of these smartwatches have access to Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music through the Connect IQ store. Therefore, to compete with its rivals, it is excellent news that subscribers to Google’s music streaming platform can also listen to their favorite songs directly from the manufacturer’s most powerful wearables that we have mentioned. On the other hand, it is also reported the arrival of a dedicated YouTube Music application will reach other portable devices, although they did not specify which ones (betting on Wear OS, at least, is doing it on a winning horse). There’s also no word on when Google’s timing would be to launch the YouTube Music app on Apple TV and Garmin smartwatches. A big move for YouTube Music It’s a great idea that Google plans to make the YouTube Music app available on more and more devices. Many people use this streaming service to enjoy their favorite music (ahead of options like Spotify), and having an application is a great improvement in the user experience. Obviously, each development will take time, but it is clear that everything is positive and will win new accounts with total security. >

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