The YouTube Kids ‘app’ comes to the Fire TV Stick, how to download it?

The YouTube Kids 'app' comes to the Fire TV Stick, how to download it?
The Youtube Kids 'app' Comes To The Fire Tv Stick,

YouTube Kids is one of the many legs that Google’s proprietary video platform has open, which faced difficult starts due to various problems with hosted videos There they were not exactly very suitable for “kids”. So after that initial storm surge, it seems that those from Mountain View have restored the confidence of parents who see this YouTube Kids application as a good place to entertain their children.

And while all this was going on, the Fire TV Sticks still could not have it available, although after that Entente Cordiale signed by Google and Amazon in April last year, it was clear that sooner rather than later it would reach the HDMI key of those of Jeff Bezos. And so it is, YouTube Kids is now available to download through the app store from the platform itself.

More content for children

Although there are already many apps on the Fire TV Stick that have videos and specific content for the little ones, The YouTube Kids case is special because it is managed through the Gmail account parents and they can create a history that is easily transferred between devices, without much effort. A child can start watching a chapter on the tablet and finish it on TV quickly, with just a click. Which is always an advantage.

Content for the whole family on Fire TV Stick.

Not to mention favorites, subscriptions, and verified content creators who always keep their eyes on the little one. In addition, and as announced by Amazon on its Fire TV Stick blog, This YouTube Kids “app was designed to meet the needs of children, with larger buttons for easier interaction and kid-friendly graphics to keep them interested. ”

In addition to accessibility, YouTube Kids on the Fire TV Stick also maintains the same parental controls, in such a way that the little one cannot freely roam all the available offer if his parents do not wish it that way. That is why the app also supports the creation of personalized profiles for each child and the blocking of channels or videos that we do not want to see on television.

If you want to install it alone you must go to the search menu of your Fire TV Stick, top left, and write “youtube” so that it appears in the result. Click on “youtube kids” and you will go to the installation page. In a few seconds you will have it available to link the account and start watching videos.